When you turn off everything that might be displayed in #site-header region ( branding, logo, search box, breadcrumbs ... ) there will still be an empty #site-header div container with some unnecessary styling on top of your page.

Its caused by a "missing" check before displaying the #site-header div on your page.tpl.php.

This can be turned off by adding two lines to the page.tpl.php of your subtheme ( also see the last line of that code )

	<?php if($linked_logo_img || $linked_site_name || $title): ?> // <-- Add this line and and elseif on the very bottom. To implement it properly we need to check for some more variables here
		<div id="site-header" class="container-<?php print $branding_wrapper_width; ?> clearfix">
		  <div id="branding" class="grid-<?php print $header_logo_width; ?>">
			<?php if ($linked_logo_img): ?>
			  <?php print $linked_logo_img; ?>
			<?php endif; ?>
			<?php if ($linked_site_name): ?>
			  <?php if ($title): ?>
				<h2 id="site-name" class=""><?php print $linked_site_name; ?></h2>
			  <?php else: ?>
				<h1 id="site-name" class=""><?php print $linked_site_name; ?></h1>
			  <?php endif; ?>
			<?php endif; ?>
		  </div><!-- /#branding -->

		  <?php if ($main_menu_links || $secondary_menu_links): ?>
			<div id="site-menu" class="grid-<?php print $header_menu_width; ?>">
			<?php if($main_menu_links): ?>
			  <div><?php print $main_menu_links; ?></div>
			<?php endif; ?>
			<?php if($secondary_menu_links): ?>
			  <div><?php print $secondary_menu_links; ?></div>
			<?php endif; ?>
			</div><!-- /#site-menu -->
		  <?php endif; ?>
		</div><!-- /#site-header -->
    <?php endif; ?> // <-- Add this as well


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Thanks... It helps :)

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nothing major so quoting himerus

the D6 version will soon be unsupported, and no new features will be added to it.

For new projects, D7 is the way to go. And a D6 subtheme can replace any template files markup to be HTML5/responsive/whatever.

Only a critical or security issue fix will ever go back to the D6 version.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)