Great module, saved me from having to template changes to the various user pictures I need.

Since ImageCache doesn't exists for D7 I believe the name can be a bit confusing and would like to suggest that it is changed to something like:

- Profile Pictures
- User Pictures

That would fill two purposes, less confusing and also getting Pictures in the name.


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Suggesting something closer to core image styles module:

Image Styles Profile Pictures

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The namespace should probably not change, but the name itself could. For Drupal 8, I'd love this to be part of Drupal core. Do you know if an issue exists yet?

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Suppose we could change a module name within .info file

Also it's a good idea to push this into core 8.x

The only confusing things that stops me from release and patch against 8.x
presets per node type #760900: Large main photo on profile page and default preset for all other photos
docs #994314: Documentation fixes

And tests :)