I installed this for drupal 7.2. I went into apperance and clicked "editor" next to the theme but it just refreshes the page and does nothing else. weird?

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It is a dev release that is currently being worked on. The landing page for the editor isn't implemented yet. In order to use it you need to click on the editor link for each theme on the Appearance page.

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Thanks for the reply,

thats what i've been doing though, I tried clicking the editor link on the themes on the appearance page but it doesn't do anything...the page simply refreshes.

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You can get the bleeding edge version from git and try that. I'm still working on it though and it's probably a few weeks away from an alpha release though.

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thanks for the help.

i reinstalled it and now i see the editor tab in the appearance page, but i get this message

Theme Editor's is missing some requirements! Please visit the status report page for more info.

The thing i see disabled is php_uploadprogress, does theme editor require that to be installed?

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Visit Theme Editors settings page instead, its located under the appearance > settings tab. I need to change that wording.

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Wow thanks for the all the help, it works now!

One more question, how do I select which file to edit in the theme? i can only edit the info file at the moment; or is that not yet implemented?

anyways thanks!!

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There should be a views table underneath the editor with the different files available for editing.

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I appreciate all your help. it's working fine now....had to enable views UI for it to see the files underneath.



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when i click on 'settings' i get this message:
Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /home/murphys6/public_html/modules/theme_editor/theme_editor.module on line 997

i have checked and all software seems to be up to date. please help

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i get this error when i click on 'editor'

# Notice: Undefined index: access in theme_editor_settings_access_form() (line 33 of /home/murphys6/public_html/modules/theme_editor/theme_editor.access.inc).
# Notice: Undefined index: access in theme_editor_settings_access_form() (line 33 of /home/murphys6/public_html/modules/theme_editor/theme_editor.access.inc).
# Theme Editor's is missing some requirements! Please visit the status report page for more info

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Title: not working at all? » not working at all (unless you follow THESE steps)
Assigned: revolver87 » Unassigned
Status: Active » Needs work

There is currently a combination of documentation errors and UI mistakes that needs some love...

Here is how to get the current -dev to work:

FIrst: you will easily be FOOLED: please read through the below steps BEFORE you start to think... ;-)
(and if you get to see that message about the "private file system", dont do anything, just read here first)

Follow these steps:

a) create a "theme_editor" folder either with the control panel file manager or via FTP: for example /sites/theme_editor
b) give that folder 770 permissions (read+write for owner and group was enough on my server)
c) enable the theme_editor module in Drupal, and then go to the permissions page and enable permissions for the roles->themes you want
d) now go to the appearance page, find the global settings page and the theme editor settings link (upper right corner). Even if it does not mark the field as required (no red asterisk (*) ), you HAVE TO enter the folder you created in step a) there, for example: "sites/theme_editor" (without the quotes, and NO starting slash)
e) save the settings.
f) on the same theme_editor settings page, choose for example CSS and click on the roles that should be allowed to use it (extra: in addition to what you already did in the permissions page...) and click ADD. Now you will get what seems to be two similar settings configurations for CSS, but the top-most is just the selector for more, and CSS happens to be the first in the list, alphabetically. The one below it is the one you added. Click on Save again.
g) Go to the main themes page, now you can see a ThemeEditor link beside the theme(s) you set the permissions for in step a). You are good to go and edit CSS files. (add more like in step f) for other file types).

h) Final note: If you get the message about private file system requirement, prompting you to see the info on the status page and then go to Drupal's own file settings page, DO NOT do that. The only thing you need is to create the theme_editor folder and enter its path on the Theme_editor settings page. NO NEED To set/use/switch to "private files" at all. (other problems may arise from that if you do without understanding its implications: so a firm advice NOT to do anything with private files unless you actually need it for other reasons AND know what you are doing...)

And - @revolver87:
If you "assign" yourself to an issue like this one, you are actually telling others to wait for you to fix it or come with some workaround suggestions. When filing issues, we normally let them be "unassigned" until a developer wants to take charge. :-)

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Title: not working at all (unless you follow THESE steps) » Theme Editor not working at all (unless you follow THESE steps)
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Component: User interface » Code

Thanks for your post, Taxoman.

Everything seemed to work (even if with maaany warnings displayed), but when I edited a CSS file and enabled changes made, theme_editor messed up everything. The home page was displayed without any stylesheet loaded and a Notice:

Notice: Undefined index: sidebar_second in include() (line 142 of modules/system/page.tpl.php).

I had to rollback changes.

This module still needs some work.


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I have interest in this module and made this quick patch to hopefully make the first enable of the module a little simpler.

  • Adds "Configure" link on modules page to bring you to admin/appearance/editor/settings
  • Changed error message that directs users to Status Report to theme settings to configure a folder
  • Added an empty check to remove notice appearing when theme settings are saved due to empty values from permissions select list

This is my first time writing a patch, so pardon if I halfway botched this

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Priority: Critical » Minor

Just tried theme editor with open atrium (with the oa Radix theme).

Crashes the site as soon as you bring up anything under the 'appearance' tab.

As 50% of anything you seem to do crashes Open Atrium every time, I got rid of TE quick smart. Shame, as it would be great to have an easy way to customize the radix subtheme.

Will be back to try again!