I am having some problems adding a background image to the website i am developing for my wife. Although all the color changes are working fine, she wants a graphic background, an image. So...

I have looked into all the CSS'S and modified all of them, colors.inc but it simply does not want to change. Looked into the code and modified css_qOhj1T7EFZ8GgwHYamrWyyQJzkUsJywp9Lw_To0EqRk.css found at: http://laly.ro/sites/default/files/css/css_qOhj1T7EFZ8GgwHYamrWyyQJzkUsJ... and still does not want to change...

Anyone can help me set up a image for the background at http://www.laly.ro ?


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looks liek you managed to get it working. Why don't you just share this information with anybody. I'd like to do the same thing.

Cld. you please post what you changed and where you changed it?