Although you specify 'The default setting for new roles is SAME AS AUTHENTICATED USERS.', if I change this to one of the other options there is no way to return to the case 'same' for alternative roles. The option of 'same' should be presented in the drop down for all additional roles. I assume if the default behaviour is 'same' then it is relative simple to add the option to the drop down.


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Hi Ac,

I just re-uploaded the Drupal 5.x version of the module with the SAME AS AUTHENTICATED USERS optiont to the idea why it wasn't picked up before. THe release page for the front page module should refresh in a few minutes where you can download the 5.x-1.7 version. I'll pop back in later today to make sure the correct module is being picked up.


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correction: make that 5.x-1.8 version. download the latest version from the release page in a few minutes


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Version: 5.x-1.6 » 5.x-1.8

Dub thanks for the quick fix, I just checkout 5.x-1.8 and whilst all roles now have the option 'same as authenticated user', the authenticated user has lost the option to be 'same as anon'.

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Hi - I've upgraded to the most recent version (1.8), but I still don't have a "Same as authenticated user" option under "select type" for the "Front Page for anonymous user." If I want to have the same frontpage for everyone, I have to keep updated both anonymous and authenticated users... am I missing something?


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I confirm: there used to be the option 'same' for authenticated users, meaning 'same as for anonymous'.
This option seems to be gone, and both authenticated and anonymous users have to be updated separately... i.e. twice if we want the same.

@Dub: do you need a co-maintainer?

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beginner: if you feel comfortable with all means drop me an email. I can add you to the maintainer list.

I'm up top my eyes at the moment and while you can submit a patch here, if you feel up to applying patches and updating the module, just drop me an email



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fixed in release 5.x-1.9.

this new version includes code fixes:

which lay the ground to fixing this bug:

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