I apologize, but I have diligently read every post and tried everything.

My Drupal install is stating:

File system Not writable
The directory /hermes/web09c/b1053/as.darkdan/tempdir does not exist. You may need to set the correct directory at the file system settings page or change the current directory's permissions so that it is writable.

When I go to the file system settings page,

* Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: Permission denied in drupal_mkdir() (line 2244 of /hermes/web12c/b1053/as.darkdan/includes/
* The directory /hermes/web09c/b1053/as.darkdan/tempdir does not exist and could not be created.

But the crazy thing is that the actual form field says:
/hermes/web09c/b1053/as.darkdan/tempdir which appears to be different than my install directory. I have tried creating a file in both

When I use /hermes/web12c/ it actually creates the folder on my server, but then reports:
* The directory /hermes/web09c/b1053/as.darkdan/tempdir does not exist and could not be created.

Whomever can solve this brainteaser gets the first beer on me!



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Make sure those folders are writable by the server.

Try 777 first, and then work your way down.

- Craig Vanderlinden @cvanderlinden

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I am having the same issue.

Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: Permission denied in drupal_mkdir() (line 2293 of /hermes/web11c/b337/moo.*****/includes/

The directory /hermes/web06b/b337/moo.******/tempdir does not exist and could not be created.

My particular issue seems to have popped up since updating. I would love to know if you were able to solve this Daniel and if so, how. With respect to permissions, I made sure that tempdir did indeed have 777 permissions.

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Was this ever resolved? I just upgraded and am now having this issue. I've also tried setting the folder permissions to 777 and still no luck. I get the following error.

Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: Permission denied in drupal_mkdir() (line 2293 ****/includes/
The directory ****/tempdir does not exist and could not be created.

I'm wondering if this is a host server specific issue? I recently upgraded another drupal site on a different host server with no issues. I will try contacting customer support and see if they can help me...

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This happens to me as well, when installing Drupal 7.9 on a local ubuntu/apache server. I've tried modifying www-data's access to files/ directory.

I've got nothing. I think the form har gone buggy.

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I'm on 7.9 and have the same problem :[

Tried the full server path which just says it can't create the directory that already god damn exists with a chmod of 777...

Tried the web path of just sites/all/default/tmp which then gives me the following error when installing a module:
Unable to create directory 'temporary://..."

Pff, was working just yesterday when I installed boost, grr.

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Hi Joe,

I would recommend to first try chmod -R 0777 sites folder of your drupal installation directory. The target directory may differ in case the paths are altered in the admin/config/media/file-system form.

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Thanks for the tip, but it didn't make any difference for me.

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You just need to change the file system path and provide the chmod -R 777 permission

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I was having the same issue with 7.12 with setting my tmp, public file, and private file directories. Problem was fixed by altering the paths given in the form at admin/config/media/file-system from




Hope this helps the next person who wanders by.

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I finally found the issue was tied to the settings.php file. There's a section under Variable Overrides, see below:

* Variable overrides:
* To override specific entries in the 'variable' table for this site,
* set them here. You usually don't need to use this feature. This is
* useful in a configuration file for a vhost or directory, rather than
* the default settings.php. Any configuration setting from the 'variable'
* table can be given a new value. Note that any values you provide in
* these variable overrides will not be modifiable from the Drupal
* administration interface.
* The following overrides are examples:
* - site_name: Defines the site's name.
* - theme_default: Defines the default theme for this site.
* - anonymous: Defines the human-readable name of anonymous users.
* Remove the leading hash signs to enable.
# $conf['site_name'] = 'My Drupal site';
# $conf['theme_default'] = 'garland';
# $conf['anonymous'] = 'Visitor';
$conf['file_temporary_path'] = '/home1/develop9/public_html/domainname/new/tempdir';

Once I commented out the line item below:
# $conf['file_temporary_path'] = '/home1/develop9/public_html/domainname/new/tempdir';
I could then set the temp folder path to "/tmp" like my other sites. I think this is a hard-coded default and this is why I was unable to successfully change the temp folder directory regardless of what I did because it was always overriding it.

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I found that I didn't have this line in my settings file.
$conf['file_temporary_path'] = '/home1/develop9/public_html/domainname/new/tempdir';
Adding it resolved my problem.

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I had this problem too, after doing a minor version update. None of the suggestions here worked. I finally fixed it by entering a new, nonexistant directory name for the temp directory in the file systems settings page. It created the new temp directory and the problem went away.

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Changing permissions to apache user fixed this problem

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I solved this by changing the path to my temporary directory to


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Giving 777 to files folder worked for me. Also giving "/tmp" path solved my problem.