I used the last dev version (fixed problem with debug message and ajax error) but doesn't work for me. No chance to use it as dropdown or something like this. Only textfield seems to work.

Exposed Filter Settings

Select a format and additional options for each exposed filter.

The "Nested" option places filter options is an unordered list. Hierarchical taxonomy filters will be rendered as nested, unordered lists. "Links" will render filter options as links, but is only available if "Allow multiple selections" is NOT checked in the "Configure filter criterion" form. The "Hidden" option is generally used for multi-step filters. Note: if "Allow multiple selections" is checked in the "Configure filter criterion" form, checkboxes will be used, otherwise radio buttons.

You may also add an optional description for any exposed filter in the "More options" section.

Only text, no possibility to set any option here...


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BEF cannot change text-field exposed filters into checkboxes or radio buttons -- only single- and multi-select fields. So make sure you're using the "Allowed values" version of a custom field when choosing your filter or, for taxonomy terms, select the dropdown option instead of the autocomplete.

If you are using those types of fields, please reopen this issue and attach an export of the view in question. Thanks.

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I think this should be more of a feature request: wouldn't it be possible to collect all the values of a text field and provide them in an exposed filter as a select list, instead of the tedious textfield input?

There appears to be a guide on how to do this here http://www.chadcf.com/blog/creating-custom-filters-drupal-and-views - maybe this could be added into BEF?

Would be amazing!

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I think the proper solution would be to add a Views filter handler to display node:title and node/term reference fields (at a start) as select elements. Then BEF can tweak the display of those filters to show them as checkboxes/links/whatever. But the fundamental change has to happen in Views.

I'm leaving assigned to me in case I find some time to work on that over the summer. Or, better yet, find a paying customer that needs this functionality! :)

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Title: How to add exposed filter not as textfield? » Make textfield exposed filter appear as a select list
Project: Better Exposed Filters » Views
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Let's see if the Views people will see this as something they might invest some time in.

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I'm interested in this.

I have a complicated view set that displays a 'file' node that contains a media files metadata. In the view is a relationship to the file entity (from media). I can display the mimetype of the various files attached to my list of nodes. ie:

Title : Test Node 1
File Mime : image/jpeg

Title : Test Node 2
File Mime : image/gif

Title : Test Node 3
File Mime : video/youtube

so, I can set up a text filter and when I type image I see the list filtered by image, type video to see videos ect.

What I would like to do is modify this into checkboxes (images, video, audio) so the user can filter by file type. It would be good to use BEF for this as it essentually has the functionality I require, but as I can't make the textfield into a select box I can't apply BEF.

I'd love to see a feature where you can assign BEF to a textfield, whereby you could set a bunch of key|value pairs and these key values would be displayed as checkboxes, and the filter would do the append of multiple selections and pass the string to the text fields search.

Anyone have any ideas where I can start? I have managed to turn the textfield into a select via the theme (template.php / form_alter) method but this is too late for BEF to see the field as a select field...

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