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'Book' content

Most "page" content on is created with the 'Book' content type. These are all the top level books on, and their purpose.

The "child" pages of this page have guidelines related to the "Book" content on Other guidelines can be found in:

Communication and marketing

About Drupal
In this section, you'll learn more about how it comes together, the people who make it happen, and the principles and values that they follow.
Do you want to get listed in the Marketplace, find available RSS feeds, or maybe help with maintenance? Here you will find all the information you need about the inner and outer workings of
Drupal CMS Features
Introductory information for the various features of the Drupal CMS, including how to build, extend, and administer Drupal. For more detailed information, see the Documentation books below.
Getting Involved Guide
All the ways to get involved with the Drupal community; contributing code, helping users, writing documentation, and more.

Documentation guides

Understanding Drupal
What you need to understand the Drupal CMS. Basic concepts, the glossary, how Drupal version numbering works, books, and third-party resources, are all found here.
Site Building Guide
Need to add new features and functionality? This guide includes information on contributed modules, search engine optimization, site recipes, and best practices.
Installation guide
Step-by-step instructions for installing Drupal, and information on advanced techniques, troubleshooting installation problems, multisite configuration, and migrating to Drupal.
Theming Guide
The look and feel of a Drupal site is handled through theming. If you want to change a little HTML, tweak some CSS, or build your very own theme, you'll find what you need here.
Administration Guide
Monitoring, doing backups, configuring users— these are just some of the tasks in the ongoing operations of a Drupal site. This guide will help you do all that and keep your site secure, manage performance, and upgrade from previous versions.
Structure Guide
This guide provides comprehensive information on tools and techniques for organizing the information architecture of a Drupal site. This includes working with nodes, fields, and content types; organizing your taxonomy and menus; and building complex layouts.
Tutorials and site recipes
If you are trying to do something with Drupal, chances are someone already has. Here you can find recipes, video tutorials, and slide show presentations on how they did it.
Develop for Drupal
Drupal is a highly flexible system with an extensive API. If you are developing your own module, this guide will help you with everything from setting up your development environment to following standards and best practices.
A selection of Drupal reference materials, including code snippets and troubleshooting information.
This archive contains outdated documentation that has been removed from general circulation.

Other content

For some sections of the site we use specific content types instead of 'book' pages.

Case studies

Case studies section lists detailed overviews of well-crafted, innovative websites or applications built using Drupal.

Organization pages

Organization pages allow companies to represent themselves and their community contributions on, and get listed in the Services and Training sections of the Marketplace.

Book listings

Book listings allow authors to post their Drupal books on and get them listed in the Books section of the Marketplace.

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