I would like to preserve the gallery listing page, but use the default shipped views taxonomy/term override view for other vocabularies. Currently, if I enable this view, it overrides the gallery listing page, and the listing is not nearly as nice as the media_gallery supplied list, and the reorder functionality is lost.

I can see that media_gallery_menu_alter redirects taxonomy/term/%taxonomy_term to media_gallery_list_galleries page, from where other taxonomy terms are given back to core.

I have tried using the taxonomy display module, but it seems the above override is not compatible: #1154410: Disable all other /taxonomy/term/% references?

Would appreciate any ideas as to how to allow views to deal with other taxonomy terms, but not the gallery listing.


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This is a problem. You should refer to #1333674: Conflicts with other modules so media_gallery_collection not called which creates Huge Images On Main Gallery Page. Marking this as fixed and later discussion could continue in the referred issue.

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