I have a sub-theme which implements subtheme_preprocess_region(), and in there I add some classes to the classes array. However, these classes are not added to my region markup. I think it's because Zen does all it's stuff before my sub-theme adds these classes.

It appears that the functions get executed in the following order:

zen_process (this is where the classes array get joined)
subtheme_preprocess_region (this is where I'm adding the classes)

Based on how the same thing works for blocks, I would expect that the subtheme preprocess functions would execute before zen_process. Here's the order the block functions are executed:


Am I missing something? Is this by design, or should the subtheme region functions be called before zen_process?

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Title: Adding region classes » Can't add classes in subtheme_preprocess_region()

I experienced this too. I don't think it's by design, as it does work as expected with node and block preprocessors. (Marked #1181184: zen_process() is called before mysubtheme_preprocess_region() as a duplicate of this issue)

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Title: Can't add classes in subtheme_preprocess_region() » zen_process is called too early
Priority: Normal » Major

This is my first patch regarding the theme registry, so beware.

I noticed the process functions get called again later, when we loop through existing hook, so I guess we can safely remove from the array added by default to theme_region. Thus, when it gets added, all of the preprocess functions are already added.

I have changed the priority of this bug to major, since it breaks a d7 functionality Zen backports.

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Status: Active » Needs review

this is one of those days.

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Component: PHP code » layout.css
Status: Needs review » Needs work
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Issue summary: View changes

I experience the same issue (i think... still not sure what is happening).
The preprocess function of my panels layout does not get run all the time. There is a static variable set within this function (with panels everywhere) and it is not always set. In this case, the complete preprocess function of the panels layout is not activated.

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Status: Needs work » Closed (works as designed)