I tried both 6x-1.4 and 6x-1.x-dev. When click on the button, it goes to twitter tweet page. However, the count doesn't work (remain 0). It seems to me that twitter already recorded the tweet - if click the button on the same node again, twitter says it's already been tweeted. But when clicking on tweet count, no searched tweet can be found.

I don't see anything to configure much on the tweetbutton menu. What am I missing here? Please help.


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I have the same thing and I think I know why.

The count will be filtered in Twitter from the URL that is being tweeted. Because most Twitter users now use a URL shortening in their tweets, the full URL never shows in Twitter. You can try this by clicking on the tweet button and seeing how Twitter then shortend the URL once you sign in.

I wonder if a unique hashtag could be used instead, but the module authors would need to put that in and it would need to be unique per piece of content...

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I have the same issue - and its definitely the URL shortening. Does Twitter expose its URL shortening algo publicly so that the Drupal module could actually resolve the full URL into a shortened version for the purposes of the tweetcount I wonder?

+1 for a revision of the Drupal module to support shortened URLs.

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subscribing :)

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Subscribing too :)

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Experiencing this issue as well. Any thoughts or advice appreciated.

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same ... counter not working

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Hi All,

Please use tweetbutton 6.x-1.2 instead of other releases. I think this will solve the problem.
You can download it from here:


Click here

Thank you