I recently finished my portfolio site in D7, and I thought I'd share it here. It's the first site I have ever developed with Drupal, so go easy on me!

The URL is - it's running Drupal 7 with the following modules:

...among a few others, but these are the main ones affecting the frontend. I mainly used Panels & Views for the front page, and some embedded Views for the portfolio section ( I used References to create relationships between testimonials and projects, and a combination of Gallery Formatter and Colorbox to create the miniature screenshot galleries on pages such as this one. Amidst all that, I did a lot of custom templates. The theme is something I created from scratch and implemented with Drupal.

Why Drupal? Well, mainly, it's the flexibility. I originally used CMS Made Simple for it, which was all well and good, but I found that it wasn't very well suited to managing an online portfolio, so that's where Drupal came in. The level of flexibility in Drupal is not like that of any other CMS I've used - I'm sure there are several other solutions out there that could support the features I wanted on my site, but Drupal came out on top for me. I've seen it described as being halfway between a CMS and a framework, which is probably why - it's just ideal for supporting specialized features in my opinion.

That's the gist of it, anyway. If anyone would like to know how I did any of it, I'd be happy to explain (time permitting).



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solid work. I was just wondering, did you theme this yourself or did you use a template?

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Thanks! I made the design itself from scratch, but I used Zen as a starting point to learn how to get it from static HTML form to Drupal theme form.

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that's fabulous. Love the buttons etc. totally looked like a premade template to me. Even more impressive that you did that from scratch being a Drupal beginner. great work.

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Thank you very much drublue!

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wow nice ! I like your portfolio page . Actually, i'm trying to realize a portfolio-page like yours but without great success...
Is it possible to have some advices about it please? :)

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Hi vinhou,

Thanks for such nice feedback :) I am about to go away on vacation for a week, but if you have any questions about how I did certain parts of the portfolio section, ask away and I'll get back to you!

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What is the best way to get help? I have been on IRC but no response. I am having problems with portfolio. Pics do not display correctly... only small sliver. Any tips? example:

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This is plain genius. I actually have been trying to work on something like this. My current sticking point is how you created the gallery.

My goal is to have a page (portfolio) that lists all the projects, click on a project, and have multiple images. How did you manage to get it going? I'm pretty stuck.

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Thanks :) it was quite time consuming, but once I got hold of the right modules for the job, it got a whole lot easier.

I'm quite busy at the moment due to a backlog of work following my vacation, but I would like to write a guide at some point explaining how I put together the entire portfolio section, including the "tagged content" pages, gallery & ColorBox integration, etc. I'll be sure to amend the first post if/when I get around to doing that.


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I like your Portfolio Site too:-) especially your gallery and these "tagging-order" by css, html and so on. Nice!

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Good to see people making solid work out of drupal

i designed my site and also has a portfolio page here
I used a views platform for a photo gallery which i rewrote
let me know what you think

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web design sites I've ever seen! Which I could emulate that!.
Did you create your own template?

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How did you make this?

modules? did you create your own tpl?

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Cool. Loving the colour scheme.

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thank you so much

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Amazing design.

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I like the way you put your dev life into this site... too good!

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what server are you using? i am using vps but the initial load to connect to my site takes too long.

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What modules did you use to make this?

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What modules did you use to make this?