Since installing the Danland theme, the slideshow has not rotated images. I have checked the code to make sure the was not commented out, and I have tried changing the effect to one listed in the documentation, but nothing has worked so far. My site: marketing.proteamsites.com


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The Danland slideshow is work fine, please clearing the cache.


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The slideshow is not working fine. I have tried clearing cache, I have tried work-arounds for loading javascript, I have tried installing on different sites, etc. My customer needed something quickly, so I ended up just creating my own slideshow through Views to take place of the original slideshow.

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I'm having the same issue. The slideshow was working, and now it's just stopped.

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Title: Slideshow not rotating images » [solved]Slideshow not rotating images

Turns out I had moved the

<?php print $scripts; ?>

line to the bottom of page.tpl.php to fix another issue. Soooo many things to consider with module interrelationships in Drupal...

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Title: [solved]Slideshow not rotating images » Slideshow not rotating images

Sorry. Shouldn't have marked it solved. Not my issue...

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Version: 6.x-2.1 » 7.x-1.0

i have the same problem as Skidz
the slideshow was working with my pictures
i've modified these pictures and now the slideshow doesn't work
i download "danland" 2 days ago

ps : i'm french so excuse my poor english

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I have the slide show working in IE but not Chrome? Any ideas?

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druapl 7.28

solucionado configurando el-modulo jquery update

adjunto imagen con la configuracion

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The slideshow does not work with JQuery 1.10! I changes to 1.08 and it started to work again. Please fix this.

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I used JQueryUpdate to change back to JQuery 1.8. from 1.10 and now the slideshow's running just fine - thanks for all the useful comments guys, you fixed my problem in a few minutes.

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This is a jQuery version compatibility issue, not a Danland problem.
See the jQuery tips in the related issue. (Often jQuery_update should be set to use 1.7 for normal pages, for best compabibility across various modules and themes.)

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.