I was not seeing the Google Map tiles in Internet Explorer 8, so I tried to reproduce the error on a fresh D7 install. As the map displayed without any flaws initially, I added feature by feature that I had in the broken map. Strange as it may sound: the reason was that I was using custom graphics.

I have not really a clue why this happens - but I hope this error description here helps.

To reproduce, install D7 minimal profile. Create a Map Page View and add custom graphics. When viewing the map in IE8, you do not see the Google tiles.

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Category: bug » support

Broken images trigger IE quirks mode aka 'prng bugs mode'. Do you see an error on the browser level?

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oh! same here!

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@mansspans: Do you see an error on the browser level?

Without additional debugging information, it is not possible to move forward on any issue.

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What do you mean by browser level? I am experimenting with this right now and if I set wrong path to images, map is shown in IE, so my latest guess is IE don't like my awesome PNG32 graphics with transparency.

There is no apparent errors in firebug console.

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Fixed this issue, don't know how exactly, but here are steps

1) created brand new folders for images and css
2) copied contents of OpenLayers-2.10\theme\default to css folder and contents of OpenLayers-2.10\img to images folder
3) adjusted image paths in style.css in css folder (at this point I had working 'custom' graphics which were in fact default)
4) replaced some pngs from dark theme to images folder like
- slider.png
- zoom-minus-mini.png
- others i needed...

... and it works. So missing images was the problem I think.

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Status: Active » Fixed

tested in IE6, IE7, IE9, all good. in IE6 graphics are not displayed because @*&# does not support transparent PNGs, but that's another issue.

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simply removing "blank.gif" from the dark theme image folder also made it work in IE.

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Thank you valderama, you saved me a lot of time debugging this issue. Post #7 worked for me.

I implemented a custom theme/icons and it worked fine in Firefox, Safari and IE9. Presented the site to a client today who was running IE8 and this problem arose.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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#7 worked for me as well. Thanks!

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Reviewed & tested by the community

i can confirm this issue and i can confirm the #7 solution (i renamed the blank.gif).
i also tried replacing the blank.gif with the one from the openlayers library. it worked.
so maybe should be something commited before set to fixed.
thank you all

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Closed (works as designed)

There is nothing to commit because there is no bug in OpenLayers module.

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Thank you valderama! #7 worked for me.

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With regards to #7, I seem to have a strange issue that I can't immediately explain...

After removing the "openlayers/theme/default_dark/img/blank.gif" image, and refreshing the page (F5) the complete map is visible. However, when I load the page again via entering the URL (enter in address bar) or via clicking the link to the page, the map is "blank" once again. I tested this in both IE7 and IE8 (IE6 doesn't seem to work at all).

So I'm curious to find out what the cause of this behaviour actually is? Anybody else has some clues/ideas/pointers?

Edit: I think I figured it out; I've downloaded the OpenLayers library and patched the OpenLayers.js file so the "blank.gif" images would never be shown. I suppose (haven't checked it) that the code OpenLayers.Util.getImagesLocation()+"blank.gif" still goes to an online resource and not the local file which I've removed.

So, my question now is whether or not the "blank.gif" image is still a necessary trick, as disabling seems to be working for IE7, IE8, Opera, Safari, ...?

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Renaming "blank.gif" to something innocuous as suggested in #7 by Valderama seems to be working for me.

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I was using the OpenLayers dev library at http://openlayers.org/dev/OpenLayers.js to fix an issue with Google Maps: #1540534: Find a way that manages versions of Google and OL so that the Google TOS box does not appear.. Changing the name of blank.gif also didn't work for me, as I think you're correct that an online resource was in use rather than a local file. I downloaded the file locally (probably better practice in some respects, anyway) and was able to then fix the issue.

As for how I fixed this issue: the default blank.gif is a 1x1 white gif. I simply replaced mine with a 1x1 transparent gif. That works, too.

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FWIW, there is parallel discussion on this issue in #1364304: Blank Google Map in IE9, but works in FireFox, Chrome etc.

From there (#16), it looks like a fix similar to mine (a better blank.gif) was committed to the dev branch in March 2012. The current release, beta1, dates back to November 2011.

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I experienced the same. Changing blank.gif to a 1x1 transparent gif fixed it for me as well.