(Excuse the verbose interrogative); Does anybody know a clever way to get Custom Breadcrumbs to work with the Archive module?

I'm using the Archive module for blog posts, and have set up a few 'path' custom breadcrumbs, so that when the user is at:

They see: Blog
Which links to: /blog


(set up the same as above)

But I only have a generic wildcard one for other archive subpaths:

They see: Blog > Archive
Which links to: /blog > /archive

The way the archive module works, isn't a view and it doesn't create nodes (so I can't use the 'node' custom breadcrumbs) but it dynamically creates paths by yyyy > m > d and I want to be able to show anyone at /archive/all/2011/5/15 the breadcrumb:

Blog > Archive > 2011 > May

Two problems:

1. I can't grab tokens or attributes from the path to use in the breadcrumbs.
2. Even if I could, it would show Blog > Archive > 2011 > 5 and I want to show "May" instead of just the "5" from the path.

Is there a way to do this, or does something need to be created specifically to work with the Archive module?