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I've tested this in both 2.0-rc1 and 2.0-dev, I'm having the same problem in both.

I'm trying to set the root of the breadcrumb to an external URL. I've entered the URL as "http://www.blahblah.com/stuff" and instead of it going to the URL, it interprets it as a Drupal URL after chopping off the http://. So, it turns into "http://www.my.site/www.blahblah.com/stuff".

I read a post that says that external URLs should work, so I've categorized this as a bug report. Even though it might be a feature request. :)


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I needed this feature as well (our multisite install points to a central site at the top of breadcrumbs).

I created a small module and used hook_cb_identifier_list() and hook_cb_identifier_values() to look at adding this functionality. I'm finding though that external URLs coming into hook_cb_identifier_values() via $obj have a / missing so that they're rendered as http:/www.mylink.something. I wondered if it might be related.

Many thanks!

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Custom breadcrumbs assumes the paths are internal drupal paths by design. I think the identifier approach that Mirabuck is describing would work well for this.

@Mirabuck, if you would like to post your code, I would be happy to look it over and consider integrating it into the cb_identifiers module if there is interest.

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There isn't much to it, but here it is:

// $Id: test_breadcrumb
 * @file
 * Provides a special identifier for custom breadcrumbs to allow for external links.

 * Implements hook_cb_identifier_list().
 * @return
 *   An array of text strings describing special identifier behavoir.
function test_breadcrumb_cb_identifier_list() {
  $identifiers = array();

  $identifiers['<external>'] = t('Produces a link to an external site.');
  return $identifiers;

 * Implements hook_cb_identifier_values().
 * This function prepares an array of crumb items to replace an identifier.
 * The identifier should be a string starting with '<' and ending with '>'.
 * The function also requires an object to make the substitution. Usually,
 * this object will include the crumb title and path, but may contain other
 * properties that can be used.
 * This function returns an array of crumb items. Each crumb item is an
 * associative array with keys
 *   'crumb' = the html crumb to use in the breadcrumb
 *   'title' = the title of the crumb
 *   'href'  = the link path
function test_breadcrumb_cb_identifier_values($identifier, $obj) {
  $crumb_items = NULL;
  switch ($identifier) {
    case '<external>':
      //add double slashes to links
      $extpath = preg_replace('/:\//', '://', $obj['path']);
      $crumb = l($obj['title'], $extpath, $obj['attributes']);
      $crumb_item = array(
        'crumb' => $crumb,
        'title' => $obj['title'],
        'href'  => $extpath,
      $crumb_items[] = $crumb_item;
  return $crumb_items;
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Here is a drop in module based on Mirabuck's code. Works pretty well as far as I can tell.

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Any chance of getting this working in Drupal 7? I don't have an external url, but the url token I'm using is giving an absolute URL instead of just the local Drupal path, and I have no way of getting just the Drupal path to show up in the breadcrumb.

EDIT: It looks like the drop-in module is already for Drupal 7, even though this issue was brought up in the Drupal 6 version. Also, the 7.2 version supports book hierarchy already, so I didn't need this module. I guess this post was just pointless after all!

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Title: External URLs in breadcrumb? » Add support for external-URL breadcrumbs
Version: 6.x-2.0-rc1 » 7.x-2.x-dev
Status: Active » Needs review
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Putting this in proper patch format for review.

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Trying to apply the patch in #7 I got the error "corrupt patch at line 72". I've re-created the patch.