If the throbber sprite is supposed to be used not only by Drupal core, but also by contrib modules and work with contrib themes, then I believe the height of the image needs to be increased.

The tiny difference of just a few pixels between the active and inactive areas of the sprite makes both states visible at the same time in many cases, for example when used as a background image on textfield that are a little taller than normal . Can the difference be increased to something like a 100px without compromising too much filesize?

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I don't see anything here but your opinion that the size should be increased. Is this just a matter of your aesthetic opinion, or is there some other reason for the increased size?

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@rfay If you read carefully, what I mean is that the current throbber icon sometimes introduces a design bug which can't be worked around without replacing the throbber icon with a custom one, since CSS background images can't be cropped in CSS 2.1. I proposed a 100px height delta since it seems enough to me, but that's just an arbitrary number. It would eliminate the design bug in most cases, I think.

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Issue tags: +needs backport to D7
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I run into this as well and always have to override the throbber. See attached image.

A better solution might be having two separate images that are replaced instead of having the height adjusted.

But, that's just, like, my opinion, man. :)

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Here's the bigger one I use: throbber.gif

Posted about it here: http://forrst.com/posts/7_AJAX_Loading_Icon_Generators_Plus_a_new_Drup-Y3K

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Having the same issue as #7 too.

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Hi doublejosh, I tried your image but it doesn't change when throbbing.

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The image is extra tall so that you can have bigger inputs, you'll need to adjust your CSS to fit your site.
I put this throbber up so folks wouldn't have to create the image too.

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I changed the default bg image position with css and it looks fine (see images below) but for some reason this change made it stop switching to the throbber part when a user is entering data. I tested the positioning first with firebug and the throbber worked but once I made the change in my local.css the throbber stoped switching. I'm using corporate clean theme.
The css I used is:

html.js input.form-autocomplete {
    background-position: 100% 8px;

throbber before

throbber after

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)
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Did you make the .throbbing class never fire? Need to create a rule for that to keep the behavior?
I'm guessing the class is still getting attached when it's suppose to.

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+1 - Just ran into this today, this is needed for designs with large input fields.

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override the css file with these value

For an idea, in the corolla subtheme.
This is an example to display no throbber when no load
and display a mythrobber.gif when there is load

html.js input.form-autocomplete {
background-image: none;

html.js input.throbbing {
background-image: url(../../../../misc/mythrobber.gif);
background-position: 98% 10px;

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I filed a competing issue to this one, sorry https://drupal.org/node/2046869
Wouldn't it make more sense to use two images instead of increasing the throbbers height?
This is easier to manage because you just center the images vertically.

Using a sprite in this scenario won't improve Drupals performance footprint to any perceivable amount I would claim.

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two images attached

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Finally I see I was linking to the wrong issue.
Corrected now: https://drupal.org/node/2046869
Any opinions on if two images could resolve the discussions as to how high the one image should be?
Is there anything I am missing why this has to be a sprite? the passive part of the gif is not even moving, so filesize-wise, it should be even smaller. Is it two http requests, one for each image?

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This is great, i always use taller field items, and the standard throbber always looks broken, i think 2 images is good solution

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this issue is marked a duplicate in #14. Please discuss there, or reopen this and explain the difference.