I've been flailing and reading, but not getting anywhere. If I take AF completely out, the forum topics and comments are all there and things seem normal (they just look terrible, hence why we use AF). Once I put AF in, I start getting:

You are not allowed to post new content in this forum.

WD: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in forum_menu_local_tasks_alter() (line 179 of /home/hoslot5/public_html/modules/forum/forum.module).

Something to the effect of selecting the correct vocabulary in the settings, which i can't seem to find.

I'm in over my head.


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I am a newbie also but ... did you check the permissions? Modules, Advanced Forum, Permissions ?

I know the feeling!

Now I need to make the forums available (visible) to authenticated users only (in case you're ahead of me there :-)

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Hi Thanks! Yep, everything looks good there, and I even rebuilt permissions for good measure. I have a mix of admin only and user forums. When I uninstall advance forum, everything appears to work correctly. But....it's just 1000 x better with AF on. It was all working fine in 6x, I wish now I had left well enough alone lol.

I could tell you how to fix your problem if mine were working. For each container or forum, you can set very granular permissions depending on how each will be used. I think you can get to that page from your main forum page...I think. Sure wish I wasn't running blind.

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I think that in upgrade process forum vocabulary changes its machine name to something like vocabulary_X (core forum issue).

I need to check if AF has hardocoded (forum) machine name somewhere.

Also, check other issues... it's been discussed few days ago.

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Starminder, I solved my question of how to make forums available to authenticated users only:

Structure, Menus

then choose "User Menu" for the parent link. Update: argh! Not quite.

I hadn't considered making a private forum for a group (e.g., a committee) but your earlier post makes me curious about how one would do it. Haven't stumbled on that yet. I did figure out how to add attachments, in case that's of interest.

Update: just found this! http://drupal.org/project/forum_access :-)

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@harmlessdrudge - thank you!! I think this is relevant to my issues, I had forum access in 6x and now do not. Chances are good that is at least part of my problem.

Edit: Just checking back in. I definitely needed forum access so thanks for the reminder, but unfortunately I'm still riding in the same hell boat with all 3 original problems mentioned in #1. I'm about to go rock in a corner or straight to the fetal position. I really need someone to save me from myself.

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@Troky - Yep, machine name is vocabulary_207.

"I need to check if AF has hardocoded (forum) machine name somewhere."

Any suggestions on what to try next? thanks!

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What error(s) do you get now?

Have you tried to manually change machine_name to 'forums'?

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Yep, I did - but it didn't change anything. Am I supposed to be using a dev version from May 9? I saw that referenced in another thread discussing same/similar issues but i don't see it as available for download.

Now noticing this in the log, too: Notice: Undefined index: node in advanced_forum_allowed_node_types() (line 1098 of /home/hoslot5/public_html/sites/all/modules/advanced_forum/advanced_forum.module).

Also, in schema am seeing this as a mismatch:
indexes forum_topics:
declared: array('tid', 'sticky', 'last_comment_timestamp')
actual: array('nid', 'tid', 'sticky', 'last_comment_timestamp')

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

After investigation of user's particular issue conclusion is that this is not AF issue at all but corrupted/messed data in D6->D7 upgrade process.

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Thanks again for your help! It appears not only core forum has upgrade issues, but comment as well :/

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Starminder, I haven't had these problems with a D7 from scratch installation.

I was hoping someone would reply here: http://drupal.org/node/1157248 but nothing doing so far.

(I'm using forum access so far without any problem but I'd like to have some facility for group permissions that was a bit more flexible.)

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Any one help me to upgrade drupal 6 to drupal 7.

After execute update.php below error generate-
The following updates returned messages
node module
Update #7006

* Failed: DatabaseSchemaObjectExistsException: Table field_data_body already exists. in DatabaseSchema->createTable() (line 630 of /opt/lampp/htdocs/texenergo_demo/includes/database/schema.inc).

I have attach the screen-shot of error message please see it.

please help me.

Thanks & Regards
Vindesh Mohariya

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@vindesh: This is the Advanced Forum queue, not for general Drupal support.


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Can anyone elaborate on this? I'm having this problem with a site upgraded (with considerable pain) from D6 -> D7 and I'm trying to decide if I need to trash the upgrade (ouch) and take another run at it with a fresh install.

Paul N.

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@pauln60: AF doesn't hold any data outside of settings. If you are having issues with it after an upgrade, just uninstall it and re-install it. The only thing you'll lose are your settings, which are easily replaced. Your forum data itself is stored in core Drupal and unaffected by AF.