Getting an error displaying on all pages since latest dev update, and is as follows:

Notice: Undefined variable: node_top in include() (line 104 of /public_html/sites/all/themes/mix_and_match/node.tpl.php).
Notice: Undefined variable: node_bottom in include() (line 124 of /public_html/sites/all/themes/mix_and_match/node.tpl.php).

#8 node.tpl_.txt5.59 KBwranvaud
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Project: Fusion » Mix and Match

These regions weren't working until the other day in Fusion, and with the recent change, any Fusion subtheme with its own node.tpl.php will need to be updated. See commit:

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Just had this issue but could not find clear instructions for a newb.
This is how I got around it.

Compare the mix and match node.tpl.php file with fusions same file.

Copy the code block from fusion and replace in mix and match
the php if statements for the node top and bottom

Seems to be working fine for me now

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Ikon could you expound on your fix, for a super newb!

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ikon420's fix is working, error message is not displaying now.

kannatek11, you need to replace the following code in node.tpl.php in mix and match:

    <?php if ($node_top && !$teaser): ?>
    <div id="node-top" class="node-top row nested">
      <div id="node-top-inner" class="node-top-inner inner">
        <?php print $node_top; ?>
      </div><!-- /node-top-inner -->
    </div><!-- /node-top -->

with the following from the fusion node.tpl.php

  <?php if (!$teaser): ?>
    <div id="node-top" class="node-top region nested">
      <?php print render($node_top); ?>

then do the same for the div id node-bottom.

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I found that I had to clear the cache afterwards or I got the same errors reported erroneously.

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I would like to confirm that the solution described under reply number 4 works fine. The original problem arises after updating fusion to the latest versions.

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I had this issue using the AlpHorn theme. However, I found the lines in the code just the same. I can confirm that post 4 works. I used:

<?php if (!$teaser): ?>
    <div id="node-bottom" class="node-bottom region nested">
      <?php print render($node_bottom); ?>

for the bottom.

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5.59 KB

If you want to download the modified node.tpl.php file directly here it is. (Just rename the extension from txt to php)

edit: MIND that when you do this you won't be able to use these variables any more!!! (this is not really a solution)

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#4 & #7 worked for me but I'm also getting ---> Notice: Undefined variable: admin_links in include() (line 28 of /Users/xxxxxx/localhost/xxxxxx/sites/all/themes/fusion/fusion_core/views-view--page.tpl.php).

for that there is this

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#9 - The view template is not modified in this theme, so that just needs to be handled by Fusion core. You might also want to look at this issue:

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

This should be fixed in latest release