I'm learning lots but missing something with menus...

created a theme with Artister.... I have no frontpage.... I just want to create a menu with a link to a colorbox gallery content I have created....

if I click on home... I see no menus at all

why not?

I have used for path because I do not understand what an internal drupal path means and how to use them... in Joomla the parent is sufficient....

anyone help a newbie please....




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In your theme and/or global settings, have you enabled the main menu?

After doing that, have you added a main menu entry for the path you are trying to add a menu entry for?

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yes main menu and secondary menus are both enabled in theme and settings...

can you walk me through how to add a main (new) menu entry... I suspect path is the issue (and maybe weight)... I thought I have done that ok but I also deleted some frontpage content and unpublished some other frontpage content.... (because I wanted to not use frontpage...) but now not sure where home goes..... if anywhere....


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This is for Drupal 7

What is the real path to your node?

node/123 ? or if you're using path auto content/human-title-here ?

Visit your node first and then look at the address to get the path.

Then go to Structure > Menu >

You should see an entry for "Main Menu"

Click "List links"

Then click "Add Link"

The title is what you want the menu title to be when shown to the users.

The path would be where you paste your node path without the / like: node/123

The parent is the menu you want to add it to. I assume the main menu.

You don't need to set the weight here. It is kind of a legacy left from an earlier version.

Now save it. Go back to admin/structure/menus and click on "list links" for main menu.

You can now rearrange the menu entries. You should only have two, Home and your new one. Drag them to reorder them and it will change the order that they are displayed.

Using the artisteer generated theme may be your issue as well. The menu may not be showing properly. You may also need to enable the blocks and position them properly.

I would suggest switching your theme to bartik first until you get the hang of the menu system. That way you know you are doing it properly and can eliminate the fact that your theme is causing the issue.

An internal drupal path is an address without the
Drupal keeps track of "nodes" this way. If you turned pathauto on, it might be content/human-name-here
The path node/123 doesn't go way, it just displays it nicer using pathauto.

If you have pathauto on, turn it off too to make things as simple as possible to undestand.

Does this help?

For home, you can use the path <front>, that way if you override the default front page you can still access the front page.

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Thanks for taking the time to provide such great information....

I just need to digest this and the other stuff you gave me good advice on... but the wife is giving me grief... the grandkids need to be played with....

I have been developing for over thirty years and it always amazes me how someone like you is always there to share their knowledge and help folk....I too give help anywhere I can... thanks very much


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You're welcome. I think you will find the Drupal community to be one of the most friendly and nurturing communities out there.