I am working on migrating our site from Drupal 6 to 7, using a duplicate copy of our site.

I followed the directions for upgrading, then installed and enabled CCK and content_migrate for Drupal 7. The fields migrate properly according to the Migrate Fields tool, but I've been running into some problems.

When I edit a node with fields, all the fields show up blank in the edit form. They will show up when viewing the node, but the values disappear when editing a node. This only occurs on nodes that were migrated. If I create a new node, this does not happen for that particular node.

I've also found that decimal fields will not even show up when viewing the node, but if I create a new node it will show up. I've checked the database and everything seems to have been migrated properly, but for some reason the values of the fields won't show up in the node edit form, and decimal field types won't show up in the node body either.

I tried opening the configuration page for the fields and resaving, but this didn't fix anything. Has anyone else ran into this problem? I attempted to duplicate the problem by upgrading a simple, clean install of drupal with a few fields, but everything worked in that situation.


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I found a solution. I noticed in the table that the language column for the field data and revisions was being set to "und." When I create new nodes, that value is being set to "en." So I manually changed the language to "en" for a field, in both the data and revision table for the field. This alone didn't fix it. I had to also resave the field configuration. Once I did this, the data starting showing up in the node edit forms. I'm not sure exactly where to put the blame for this. But this is the solution I've found in case anybody else runs into the same problem.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Same thing happened for me. The solution worked.

I did a global replace on the database: "und" -> "en-US" (my custom language), then went to "manage fields" and clicked "save" for each content type.

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in my first insertions it work and gave the text lang en.
after first time it change it to und

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Found the answer.
UND stand for undefine your content type doesn't have multi lang support....
what you need to do is to edit content type and in Publishing option Enable muti lang support !!!

path :
Structure -> content type -> -- choose your content type -- edit -> Publishing options -> Multilingual support -> Enable

Have a nice day

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For me it looks like a bug.

I got that on the body field after using node import (btw at the end I use migrate and is really better).

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There is another issue about translation problems. All values are set to und during migration following the instructions from the translation team. If they are supposed to be set as some other value one of the translation modules is supposed to handle that.

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Confirmed Working

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Not sure if this is a duplicate. Feel free to close it again.

I had exactly the same problem but with body text, and I solved it following #1 instructions. #5 Didn't worked for me.

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Still digging into this.
I found this comment: https://drupal.org/node/1318196#comment-5521506 and it pointed me to what I think was the solution for me. After reading D7.8 Release notes (https://drupal.org/node/1265840), I took a look at field translatable of table field_config, to found that body field was translatable. I changed it to false (0), went to admin/structure/types/manage/{content-type}/fields, cliked save and everything is ok.

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I had a problem with date and body fields not showing the content in edit mode after Upgrade D6-D7.
This sollution worked for me:


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Repeated/confirmed : my content type was set to not be multilingual and the imported nodes had a set language ('fr' to be precise), so Drupal 7 showed nothing at all on screen.

If multilingual is activated for that content type, then the node body/teaser now shows.

In my opinion, this is a bug to be fixed. When multilingual is disabled, the default behaviour should be to show whatever default content there is, no matter what language was initially set. At the moment, it seems to require language set to 'und' (undefined).

EDIT : then again, I understand that this setting is to allow strictly language controlled web sites, where only nodes from a given language are shown at a time, but the current options are too black/white and therefore cause an additional migration issue.

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I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to add that I had this issue.

'out of the blue', all of the body fields stopped showing up on the site front, and when I went to edit them, the body field was empty as well.
In my case I had upgraded from D6 to D7, but the site had been running well for several weeks. And then it just did this one day without any reason, that I could figure.
I followed this: (mentioned above).


I needed to:
UPDATE field_data_body SET language="und" WHERE language="en";
UPDATE field_revision_body SET language="und" WHERE language="en";
Then I saved the content type field page

Just saving one of the content types that had the body field was enough to get all of the fields to show up again.
I'll update if it doesn't end up being the correct solution.
Very odd, very odd.