Just changed to beta6, but after loading, the cart won't open or close unless it's on a product page.


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Just discovered that the cart retains whatever state it gets on a product page. So if I leave a product page with the cart open, it remains open and I can't close it on another page and vice versa.

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Now it won't open in Firefox??

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There are some bugs related to collapsible cart functionality in beta6.

For example, if you disable collapsible functionality in UC Ajax Cart settings page but you leave enabled 'closed by default' the cart is closed and there's no way to open it (because "Make the shopping cart block collapsible by clicking the name or arrow." is not checked).

Please review your settings or upgrade to beta7 that I hope fixes all this bugs.

I couldn't test it on IE yet, I'll do next days but if you test it please report results, thanks!

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I switched to beta7. The cart now seems to expand and collapse only for authorized users in Firefox or Safari. I have "Ajax Support for anonymous users" checked, and I can add and remove items, but I can't get the cart to expand or collapse unless I'm signed in and then this won't work in IE.
On a positive note, a problem I was having with my css breaking as the cart loaded in IE seems to have disappeared. Thanks for working on this.

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I can't reproduce problem described with Safari or Firefox, cart opens and closes ok with anonymous users. IE7/8 seems to work ok too... what IE version are you using? IE6? IE9?

IE6 is not supported, sorry, although patches are welcome.

For completion... what theme are you using? Is your site online to check it? Cart has been tested using Garland.

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I'm using the zen theme and I'm having troubles in IE 7 and IE8, along with Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
The expand/collapse won't work at all in IE, but will in the others as long as I'm logged in.
Try this link: http://gypsycampcreations.com/boodle-bag/dragonfly-buzz-red
It had been collapsing OK in beta5, but when I switched to beta6, the css broke in IE and stayed broken in when I switched back to beta5(?). So now I'm trying beta7 and the css is no longer broken, but the cart won't expand or collapse. I had been looking for a new release because when I tried to connect the up/down arrow to the cart-open class, the class would change on page changes and sometimes a closed cart would have the "cart-open" class.
Well, thanks for all your hard work, let me know if you think the problem is on my end.
Presently, the cart configuration is "collapsible", "closed by default", and "Keep cart open/closed between page loads and cart operations."

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I'm not sure if it's related, but when I was having the css problems, there seemed to be some sort of relationship between lightbox2 and ajax cart. Sometimes hovering over a lightbox image along with a change in the cart expansion triggered a change in the visibility or size of some div containers. Could the present cart problem be related?

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Title: Cart won't open or collapse in Internet Explorer » Cart won't open or collapse with anonymous users
Priority: Normal » Major

Bug confirmed and fixed in dev, I think I'll roll another beta to clear this bug.

Behaviors were called with wrong context when loadind ajax cart.

Tweten, I guess I didn't test properly (although I can swear I did!), thanks for your perseverance ;-)

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Status: Active » Fixed

Ooops, fixing.

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Loaded the dev module (beta8 gave ma a "page not found" error) Works beautifully when logged in on all browsers, but it still won't work for anonymous users (and I couldn't add anything to the cart at all in IE), now it won't even show the link to the cart page or to checkout, so I've switched back to beta7. (Although the "no product in cart" message doesn't show for anonymous in beta7; I didn't notice whether that was also true for the dev module)

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.