Last updated 27 April 2011.

User Experience is a huge priority for Drupal 7. You can follow Mark Boulton and Leisa Reichelt's progress and participate at the Drupal 7 User Experience Project and the Drupal Usability Group.

Relevant tags:

Critical Drupal 7:UX freeze

  1. #473268: D7UX: Put edit links on everything
  2. #497804: [meta] Search entities (nodes, terms, etc.) within the administrative interface
  3. #594660: Rename default menu names
  4. #614418: Redesign 'Recent comments' block for use on dashboard.
  5. #337947: Correct whitespace issue for 'recent content block' in dashboard
  6. IA

  7. #591682: Config pages are effectively hardcoded to some subcategory of 'admin/config'
  8. #594908: Weight categories on Configuration & Modules correctly
  9. Module page

  10. #598758: Modules page: add link to its settings page for each module
  11. #396478: Searchable modules page
  12. All of CCK UI?

Major usability issues
  1. Finding "page" content once created (#395968: Remove the 'Page' content type from default install profile)
  2. Administrative landing page is overwhelming (#546956: [meta-issue] Overhaul of Information Architecture)
  3. Relationship between menus and blocks is not apparent (UB2009)
Moderate usability issues
Low hanging fruit
Improve admin sections and pages:
Improve node/add/X: