Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create and save new image style.
  2. Go to edit image style.
  3. Change Style's machine name in text box.
  4. Select a new filter and add.

Drupal will attempt to go to .../image-styles/edit/original_(step_1)_style_title/add/new_effect, but the add button submits the form and saves the new name, making the correct path .../image-styles/edit/new_(step_3)_style_title/add/new_effect.

Simple to figure out what is going on if you're paying attention but can be confusing for less savvy end users and tired developers.


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Version: 7.0-rc4 » 7.0

Speaking of tired developers...

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I was able to reproduce this using every effect except for "Desaturate". Is this the same case for you?

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Title: Image style saves name on add new effect, results in page not found » Image style saves machine name on add new effect, results in page not found
Version: 7.0 » 7.x-dev
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I was sort of able to reproduce the problem. The original steps called for changing the effect name. That didn't work. If I changed the machine name of the effect, however, then the error occurred.