I am trying to transfer my test website from my local host uWamp Server to my web hosted domain - I transferred all the files and folders via FTP successfully. I made a dump of the database locally to my machine and then tried to import it to my web host's server; freehostia.com following the instructions from their website. I keep getting the following error message:

SQL query:

-- Database: `drupal7.0`
-- --------------------------------------------------------
-- Table structure for table `actions`

`aid` varchar( 255)NOTNULL DEFAULT'0' COMMENT'Primary Key: Unique actions ID.',
`type` varchar( 32)NOTNULL DEFAULT'' COMMENT'The object that that action acts on (node, user, comment, system or custom types.)',
`callback` varchar( 255)NOTNULL DEFAULT'' COMMENT'The callback function that executes when the action runs.',
`parameters` longblob NOTNULLCOMMENT'Parameters to be passed to the callback function.',
`label` varchar( 255)NOTNULL DEFAULT'0' COMMENT'Label of the action.',
) ENGINE= InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET= utf8 COMMENT='Stores action information.'

MySQL said:
#1046 - No database selected

However I don't know any SQL or PHP code really and I wondered if I could get a bit of help just to get this initial problem corrected so that I can see my site on the web.

Many Thanks

P.S. I have also changed the database credentials in the settings.php file to match the empty database that I created on Feehostia.com - because the new empty database on Freehostia.com and the existing full database from my local uWamp server have different names coul this be the problem?!