One is actually getting an account on the site, the other is for gaining admission to the event. There's been many reports from individuals and organizers that people are getting confused.

My suggestion is to adopt "ticket" terminology that can be associated with the event. Tickets can be free, or can cost money.

South Carolina DrupalCamp has done this, and it looks great


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Another reason to use "ticket" (and I am suggesting relabeling the button on teh event node and anywhere else in the UI) is that we're switching to signup for sessions
#1115824: Switch from Flag to Signup for personal session schedule

So you

1) Register for the site
2) Get tickets
3) Signup for sessions you're interested in

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This is definitely confusing. UC_Signup makes the button text for signing up to paid events configurable, so we could give this a more clear default like "Purchase ticket." We'd also want to take user confirmation messages into account.

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There are two objects: the drupal account, and the conference registration. Perhaps focus on the language of the former rather than the latter?

How about "Create account" for, well, creating the Drupal account? :) Looking at the Drupal core user module it uses the language "Create new account."

This language is pretty separate from any sort of "Register" or "Signup" connotation.

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c4rl, good point. In everyday language, I suspect people rarely say "Did you create an account?" but let's try that first since it's consistent with the core user module.

Actions are:
1) Create an account on the site
2) Get a ticket (call to action is probably Buy Ticket or Reserve Seat (for free events) or something like that)
3) Signup for sessions

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I like the terminology in #4. Of course, the uc_signup workflow eliminates the need for users to create an account if they're signing up starting as an anonymous user.

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We hit this when building ACEC2010 and solved it this way:

1. Signup for an account
2. Signin (or login) to the site
3. Buy a ticket
4. Choose sessions
5. Pick up your badge at the registration desk

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The suggestion of the "ticket" terminology has been implemented in 7.x but there are still some UX concerns here.