I just wanted to start an issue to talk about moving to Drupal 7. I don't have any experience yet with Drupal Commerce other than general exposure to its concepts, so if anyone has specific experience, please chime in. My initial random thoughts are as follows.

  • I don' think we'll port Ubercart work to 7.x unless someone REALLY wants to help. Going forward, I'm seeing Ubercart as being deprecated in favor of Commerce, so we'll go 'ground up' for the 7.x/Commerce version
  • The 'mark webform as paid' will be done with Rules (obviously not conditional actions). Rules has Features compatibility (I think) so we'd include this rule in our Feature rather than actually having it in the module.
  • I don't believe webforms can use a Commerce product as a webform type. We'll need to wait and see how this pans out in the Webform module.
  • All reporting, etc, for Commerce is now done with Views. That rocks and means we can easily add our paid status info as part of a view that it's creating
  • Generally, this may become more and more of a Feature package than anything, which would be great...Our proprietary code should be able to shrink while our Feature grows

That's all I've got for now. Anyone have experience and want to chime in on how all this could/should work?


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As I think further about this, we MAY not need this module at all for D7 and Commerce. We may be able to just add the fields we need directly to the checkout entity (completely removing the need for webform module).

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Hey Bob,

We may be able to just add the fields we need directly to the checkout entity

Did you ever get a chance to test this idea out on D7?

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Never tested it...I'm still neck deep in D6, so I haven't been hardly able to work with D7 at all yet.

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Me and you both :)

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I'm going to let AndyF help me make the final call on this, but I dont think there will be a D7 version of this module. When we look at the changes in D7 (entities, addition of Drupal commerce, and more) I dont think it makes any sense to port this. Almost everyone agrees that Ubercart isn't the future of Drupal e-commerce and that fact alone invalidates this module's progress (due to the name).

I'll leave this issue active for a little while longer, but I'm thinking the answer is: There will be no D7 version of uc_event_registration

(AndyF if you agree, go ahead and mark this 'won't fix' and we'll be done with it...)

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Subscribing, I could really really really use this in Drupal 7 (and will provide whatever help I can). I tried Drupal Commerce (for a few weeks) and its too bug ridden and there is not enough stable supporting modules (most notably, shipping) so I've had to restart from scratch and am using Drupal 7.2 and UberCart... The client I am configuring this for sells astrology books/calendars/charts (customized) and holds events.. I would much rather have events as a seperate entity than as a product. Whatever I can do to help let me know!

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@John if you want to start writing a D7 conversion of this, you certainly can. We'd be willing to look it over and see about rolling changes in here. The problem is, D7 is SOOOO different in regards to the original concept of this module that I think the whole thing basically has to be rewritten. Almost nothing we rely on is the same, structurally, in D7, because of entities.

I'm thinking Commerce will be completely stable before we get a D7 version of this out since it's not really on my (or AndyF's) radar right now.

If you want to contribute some code to get it going, I'll encourage it but I think you may find it a bigger job than anticipated once you start :)

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@Rob_Feature Just thought I'd chime in answering #5 - as you say, I don't have much need/desire to spend time working on UC in D7.

@JohnDoranNY To reiterate Rob_Feature's message, we'd happily look over things, but I don't think the impetus is going to come from us (I'm woefully ignorant about D7, so I'm not sure how much help I could be anyways).

Best of luck!

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I wonder how much work it would be to convert this to D7 Ubercart, as it is being actively developed?

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Status: Active » Postponed
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Just an FYI: I am working right now on creating something that will do almost this exact thing in 7 with Drupal commerce. It obviously won't be called "ubercart event registration" and I probably won't actually release it on Drupal.org (because I don't really care to support it). But, once it's working, I'll post a link here and on the project page to a place to download it.

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Great stuff, cheers!

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Ok, here's an ugly, but working feature for Drupal Commerce in D7 that takes the same general approach as uc_event_registration without any bells and whistles.

No, there's no upgrade path (and never will be). No it doesn't do things like send webform emails after checkout. It's simple but may suffice for some using this module and who want to go to Commerce in D7:


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And a lead just came in today for a D7 site needing event registration: Bob, you're always paving the way :)

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Status: Postponed » Closed (fixed)

AndyF, I'll be the 'paving service' if you maintain the roads :)

Let's mark this closed since I think this is probably the first start in a 'path forward to Commerce'. If anyone is interested in taking over or maintaining the Drupal Commerce module in my sandbox (see comment #13) let me know and it's all yours. Otherwise it may sit that way for a while.

You can also view a video about how it works here: http://mustardseedmedia.com/podcast/episode51 (note the php input format I say is so evil in the video has been replaced with a real rule)