Using the Node Story content-type, I have Taxonomy "Story Section Placement" assigned to it.

So when a user creates a Story type, then can assign the Story to one or multiple sections of the website.
ie. - Frontpage section
- News section
- Community Involvement section

Each of these sections/page has a View on it retrieving the Story by it's Taxonomy Term. Where I am having issues is when a visitor clicks on a Story, it brings them to the full story with the auto-alias of: news/"News Title"

I was thinking I could use Custom Breadcrumbs Vocabulary to do this, but the Breadcrumb shows all the Terms that the Story belongs to. So, I'm not sure if I have to fix the link somehow to include to term coming from the View or fix it in URL Alias (which doesn't seem feasible).

I guess I need advice on how to correct the situation, whether it's in Custom Breadcrumbs, Views, Auto-Aliasing, etc. or a combination.

I hope I clearly shown my issue.

The attached file shows the breadcrumb for a Story that has been assigned to "Community Involvement" and "Frontpage News and Events" sections. The Story has been clicked coming from the Community Involvement section (ie. Views block). The path on the Story is: .

Thank you.

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Custom breadcrumbs taxonomy wouldn't show all of the terms if they were on the same level, but it would show the taxonomy term and all of its parents. What options have you enabled at admin/settings/custom-breadcrumbs ?

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Well, I've tried all sorts of Custom Breadcrumb settings (admin/settings/custom-breadcrumbs) and none of them seem to get the correct breadcrumb for the specific View I'm coming from. I'm sure it's a setting somewhere I'm neglecting.

For example, for a Test Story Content-Type, I've selected the Story to show in the View "Frontpage News and Events" and "Community Involvement". These two pages have their own View that select the Story by the Taxonomy.

So on the Frontpage News page, if I click on a Story, the breadcrumb always seems to grab the last Taxonomy selected:

Home > Community Involvement > Test

It should be showing: Home > Frontpage News and Events > Test because that's the View filtered by the Taxonomy that I came from.

The settings I thought I should have set are in the screenshot. Please advise if I should try something else.

Thanks for the response.