Is it possible to set a default relationship of the 'Relationship/s' wording from the front end?

I have one relationship type - 'Mate/s'

In the user menu I have disabled the default 'My Relationships' item, and added a custom 'Mates' item, that points to . This works great as (aside from the url), it removes the 'relationships' wording.
However there are other areas where its not so simple, and I'm wondering if there are any plans to incorporate features to accomplish the following:

  • Remove 'Current' tab from /relationships screen.
  • Set a relationship type as the default selected tab, and furthest left tab on the /relationships screen. eg. 'Mates' 'Received Requests' ' Sent Requests'
  • User Account Screen, either of the following points:
    • Option to remove 'Relationships' tab from User account screen (global not per user).
    • Option to replace the 'Relationships' tab text with a chosen default relationship type. eg.At user/id the tabs would be: 'View' 'Edit' 'Mates'
  • When viewing another users account, remove the 'Relationships' heading, the 'Relationship actions' heading, and just have a 'Send mate request' link.


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Nur sure about the Current thing.

Wouldn't it make more sense to replace the global page title with "Mates" and then have the local tasks "Current", "Sent requests" and "Received requests".

Also for the tab on the user profile, that is currently only visible when viewing your own profile (not so useful imho) or when you have administer relationships permission. We plan to add a new view all relationships permission to make that visible to others too. However right now, if users don't have that permission, they should only see possible actions/relationhip information directly on the user profile (which can be improved).

BenK will probably als chime in here sooner or later, but let's figure out #1115956: Revamp relationship type name display first and then we'll see what we can do about this.

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Yeh agreed on the page title as 'Mates'.

With the relationships tab on user account screen, I see it as a duplicate of the relationships entry in the user menu, and they go to different screens. Its would be needed in some cases, but I think an option to only show current/sent/received on the actual /relationships screen, not /user/id/relationships as well.

One other idea (just to complicate this issue more) was another 'naming convention' that could be added to the settings ui. Singular, plural and then a field to enter 'Mateship' or 'Friendship'. Then that is used in the relationship actions links, eg. 'Request frienship' or 'Request Mateship'.

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Anything ever accomplished in this, or anyone figure out a way to do this?