Has anyone tested capturing Content Template configurations in a Feature?

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I have been thinking about the same thing too +1

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The only thing that would be required to make this compatible with Features would be to move the templates from contemplate's own table to the variables, then with Strongarm it would be perfectly features compatible

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Status: Active » Needs review
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Sorry I already commited this to D6 head instead of posting here first (My mistake!)

So in otherwords, features has been added to 6.x-1.x dev

Now to check the patch against the D7 head!

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Status: Needs review » Needs work

Cool so I'm half way there I think, I've got features working, but not with StrongArm integration yet.

So if contemplate_save() used variable_set instead of writing to it's own DB table then you could use StrongArm to set the content templates also? Is that what you mean?

In which case, I'de need to write an update to re-save any current templates

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Features support is committed, but here's a patch for adding variable_set/StrongArm support

#1187900: Store settings in variables so we can StrongArm