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Title: Drupal 7 » Drupal 7 -- co-maintainer required

Not by me... no time! 8-}

Thank you.
Alexis Wilke

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I have been following up drupal for an years but never contribute any module in, As a initial task, I'd like to contribute for porting this module to drupal 7, Please let me know.

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Sure. Create a version that is working, post a .zip or .tar.gz file here and let's see whether others can make use of it. If so, then we can check it in and have you as the maintainer.

Thank you.
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any working version yet?

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Hi, Find the intial snapshot of drupal7 link to us module in the attachement. Please have a reivew.

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Thank you "PrabhuG" for stepping in, appreciated! Subscribing.

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Status: Active » Needs review
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I added a link to your patch on the front page of the module.

Thank you.

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Thank you for the work on this module thus far. Here are a couple of things that I noticed while trying to install it on a site of mine:

First, the links that are generated are "dirty" links (with the ?q= in the URL) rather than clean URLs even though I have clean URLs enabled. Not sure if that's a big deal or just a personal preference.

Second, I had a hard time finding the page itself. My plan was to add a "link to us" link into a menu within the footer that would build links to the page, but the best I was able to find is at link_to/node which isn't working for this particular site since ?q=node/ goes to /node and this site's front page is set to something different. So this link goes to a fairly blank page that reads "No front page content has been created yet." Is there a way to set the primary link to us page and give it a menu option? And can we link it to rather than link it to /node?

Other than these two things, everything else seems to work fine; the links themselves work, uploading the images was really easy and I haven't run across any other issues or incompatibilities yet. :)

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Great module! I have tried this out and I know others seem to have a problem but when I installed it everything works perfectly including links in the admin menu toolbar module.

I have added one thing. I have added to the .info file a link to a style sheet. I have added a style.css stylesheet in a new folder css/style.css
This adds a button style to the link text to the node.

Another thought I had, though not sure how to do this myself, it may be a good idea to add in the ui an option for changing the link text on the chosen node pages? for example instead of hacking the "link_to_us.MODULE" on line 74 ('#markup' => l('Link to us', 'link_to/node/'.)

Just a thought? I have attached if this helps.