This site mentioned in this topic is no longer active. Thank you all for the kind words that were given while it was up.


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Cool site. I'm starting work on my own wedding site tonight and have been looking for ideas. I don't know if it would be helpful to have a wedding theme so much as an install profile similar to COD

I'd definitely be interested in hearing which modules you used to handle various parts of the site.

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Do you think you could release some of your work here. I would like to create a nearly identical Drupal 7 wedding site for myself. A backup migrate dump, module list and theme tarball would go a long way with me and the misses. :)

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The site was built as a sub theme of Zen and the theme is a custom design. Besides the page that is generated by the view "Gallery" and the RSVP page that is a webform, they are all basic pages. For the pages that have comments I set that option by editing the content type. I used javascript to create the banner on the home page, but I believe views slideshow can render the same effect. Below are a few things that I did.

Special Modules Used:

ShadowBox - Used to have the nice "pop up" effect when viewing images in the galleries.
Webform - Used to have the elegant RSVP Form and Contact Form. The look of the forms were styled using css.
Views - Used to display a page of album links that linked to their corresponding page.

How the Gallery was made

  1. Created a content type named "album"
  2. In that content type I added a image file field with unlimited values
  3. I then downloaded the shadowbox module and configured the display to open the image in the shadowbox viewer
  4. Using image styles I set a fixed thumbnail width and height
  5. After that I created a simple view with a link to each of the albums
    1. Defined a path named "Gallery"
    2. I set 2 fields to be displayed
  • content:link
  • content:title
  • I set the filter by content type. The name of the content type I used for the gallery pages was "album".

    If anyone would like more details on any of these steps please let me know.

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    Hi Steve, looking for wedding site I found yours and I love it. It exactly what I want something simple, clear, sober, elegant and with style.

    I tried to follow your instructions but I have many problems with the galleries, I cannot create the galley page you have. I tried create a simple view but all the thumbnail are shown at the same and I am not able to add comments. Like "about us", "the wedding" and so on. Could you help me telling me how you create these page?

    Thank in advance,

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    ...and congrats on your wedding! I would definitely encourage the making of your theme an official release for D7 - I'm not a themer, but let me know if you need some help and perhaps I could be of assistance.

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    Hi Steve,

    Nice Work. i am a newbie to Drupal, got excited by seeing your site. Appreciate your help in getting a nice wedding site for me.


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    I'm building a similar site for our wedding and I was wondering if i could get your theme?

    best regards

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    I love the theme, and am ambitiously planning to make my 1st Drupal site my wedding site. Can you share the theme?

    Thank you so much

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    Simple, elegant. Very nice. This is an old topic... I just saw it because it got bumped. Did you ever get around to releasing the theme? I don't see anything on d.o but maybe elsewhere?


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    can you share your theme if its ok?

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    Cool site you developed. I appreciate your work. Good luck in future !

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    Thanks everyone for all the great feedback from the site. It has been over a year since I created the site and I still unfortunately haven't had the time to create a reusable theme for the public. I just haven't had the time.

    I'm willing to hand over the theme to someone that would be willing to make the effort to create it. It is currently a zen sub theme. Let me know.

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    You did a fantastic job, and I understand if you don't have the time maintain it. I can take care of it if you want me to.
    I am a great programmer, and have vast experience in drupal. Please send me what you have and I'll iron out the details before making it publicly available. You have a good sense of style. I'll send you my contact info in a private message.

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    This site looks great - was hoping to use it as a launching point - I haven't touched Drupal in a few years and am verrrry rusty.

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    hey germallon, did you ever get around to doing this?

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    Great job you have done with your website, cant wait when you can share your theme. Keep up the good work!

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    u told that u made it by webform.but how u decorated was nice....and also wat theme u used...pls tell me soon

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    great site, would love to see a theme or get some instructions on how you did the great functionality. thanks

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    Hi, your site is awesome!
    I'm getting married in august, which is really soon!
    I'm looking for a great theme to build a site for my wedding.
    Would you share your theme for my Wedding?
    Your site is exactly what I'm looking for, I'm pretty new to Drupal so it would be a great help to use some of your great work and personalize it for mine...

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    Hi Mike. Congrats on your wedding this month! Maybe not the best time to be contacting you though, but my wedding is in October and trying to get a site to do RSVP, etc. Did you have any luck?

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    Its so great and i think it would be a great official drupal wedding theme infact so much so I am working on turning it into one. Design credit given to you obliviously.

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    I'm working on a site to do exactly the same as Steve & Amber (the original post) and yet just begun. Would be great to see something of getting theme and features used. Any luck on getting something together yet?

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    Just released my first responsive Drupal 7 wedding theme called Hitched. You can check it out at If you need my help creating I'd be happy to help if you email me at