Hello, I am trying to create a View to show fields of a node having a ‘List (float)’ type. For demonstrative purposes here I have called the field ‘myrating’.

For this field, I have set the key|label as:


So in the node, I can simply tick an option which will assign either 1,2 or 3 as value in the database.

In views, I can access the label data using ‘Content: myrating’. This returns ‘Good’, ‘Excellent’ and ‘Superb’ for each node – which is obviously the label for each value.

The problem is, I cannot get access to the raw data values 1,2 and 3 for each label. I have tried to create a view using rewrite and replacement pattern [field_myrating-value] to show the raw values. HOWEVER - this doesn’t work and simply displays the text ‘[field_myrating-value] ‘ on each node output in the view (and not each numeric value).

Maybe I’ve missed something as it should be simple to get the raw values from a list type field?

Thanks for your help,



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Sorry, I have solved the problem. It needed Formatter on the field to be changed to 'Key'. :)

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Do you know if I can do this on drupal 6 and where?