I have recently started using IMCE. I think, it is great module, but I dont understand one thing - there are many other modules extending IMCE functionality, like IMCE mkdir http://drupal.org/project/imce_mkdir, IMCE rename http://drupal.org/project/imce_rename IMCE Tools http://drupal.org/project/imce_tools, IMCE Tools http://drupal.org/project/imce_tools, IMCE SWFUpload http://drupal.org/project/imce_swfupload and others, why is there no info about them on the IMCE project page? Just links like "you can extend this module with this additional modules:...". How can new users know about them? Other thing is, that if tou want just basic functionality, like file renaming and directory creation, you have to download IMCE and 2 other modules, if you want to update them, again, you have to download 3 modules... It would be very nice, if all additional IMCE modules would be included in main IMCE project, so you would then just enable them in admin section.
Maybe I am wrong, but this is my point of view.


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Thanks for the listing above!! I've found a few of these on my own, but it was nice seeing some I've missed. I especially appreciate imce_filefield. I was looking for something that did exactly that!

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These are really cool, but I'm looking for one that will allow me to browse content, not just files, is that something that IMCE would be interested to offer?

For example, having a "tab" in the IMCE window that instead of files it will show me content and I can choose content to add as a link when creating/editing a node so I don't have to remember URL aliases or nodes' URLs, etc.


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You might want to check out the Link It Module:


I think it will provide what you are looking for.

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