I just saw this when setting up a new drupal site, when doing to my custom profile edit page.. ?

warning: Missing argument 1 for views_handler_argument::get_value(), called in /var/www/pinthead/iphone1/sites/all/modules/signup/signup.module on line 1718 and defined in /var/www/pinthead/iphone1/sites/all/modules/views/handlers/views_handler_argument.inc on line 795.

I did a search and found something similar reported but not with signup.module nore this line number..

function in question

signup module

  return $user->uid == $view->argument[$argument_name]->get_value();

views code

   * Get the value of this argument.
  function get_value($values, $field = NULL) {
    // If we already processed this argument, we're done.
    if (isset($this->argument)) {
      return $this->argument;

any thoughts for 6.x?

views guys seems to have punted it over here .. ?


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Issue tags: +views arguments

Weird indeed.

I am having exactly the same issue with a module that was working fine till today and it is happening in all environments. In my case, the lines it complaints about are

$this->query->add_where($group, '{leaguesite_match}.home_team = '.$this->get_value());
$this->query->add_where($group, '{leaguesite_match}.away_team = '.$this->get_value());

I have recently upgraded to the 5th April dev version of views 6.3. I have upgraded dev env today to the 12nd April dev and the warning message persists.

I am no programmer but I am going to research further on this. If I find anything of interest I will post it here.

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I have downgraded to an older dev version (6.3 01/12/11)of views and now it is working fine.

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subscribing same issue here.

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yea we are getting the brush off.. hmmm.. wonder what the combo is for this and why its happening.

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388 bytes
388 bytes
388 bytes

Views changed the function signature for get_value() on arguments in 3.x, so it can't be called without parameters anymore. Simple solution in this case is to pass a NULL, like so: return $user->uid == $view->argument[$argument_name]->get_value(NULL);

Attached patches fix it for 6.x-1.x, 6.x-2.x, and 7.x-1.x.

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The fix in #5 worked for me

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the fix in #5 seems to have worked for me too - thanks!

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Yeah,so this makes no sense whatsoever, Views 3 now requires to arguments in the get_value method of the views_handler_argument class, but the method does not use either one of those 2 required arguments. Are they coding for the future?

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The current production version of Views 3 fixes this issue so you don't have to muck with signup.module code.