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Chapter Three is a full-service Drupal web agency developing beautiful, flexible websites that help businesses thrive.

Chapter Three and Drupal 8

Chapter Three helped to build Drupal 8 and we have core developers and a core maintainer on our team. With our extensive real-life Drupal 8 development experience, we have been blogging and training on it for more than two years. Learn more about our commitment to Drupal 8 and check out all of the Drupal 8 blog posts our team has written.

“We’re very grateful that Chapter Three continues to invest so much effort in Drupal 8.”
--- Dries Buyart

Commits and patches from Alex Pott, Chapter Three employee and Drupal 8 core maintainer

  • 4,346 commits to Drupal 8 core
  • 821 Drupal 8 issues worked on with many members of the community:
    • 211 critical Drupal 8 issues
    • 280 major Drupal 8 issues
    • 330 normal and minor Drupal 8 issues

Drupal contributions

Chapter three has played a major role in organizing Drupalcons, Drupal Camps, contributing back code and design, and helping support the local community through the San Francisco Drupal User's Group.

Projects supported

React Comments, Urban Airship Web Push Notifications, Simple AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), AppNexus, Workbench Moderation Actions, CKEditor Dialog plugin for Drupal 8, Content translation workflow, Context region embed, Media entity Spotify, Media entity Soundcloud, Contact Scheduler, Mask, Static Routes, Yarn, Entity references with text, Media entity Tumblr, Media entity facebook, Video embed Hulu, Encryption, Search Exclude (Node), d8_date, Jumpmenu, Role mixins / Subroles, Field widget, Field linker, Demo Content, Migrate views, Entity Reference Validators, Minister React, Content Entity Base, Null, Require To Publish Sandbox, autovalue, Hubspot forms, Remote image, Entity notification, Comment advanced, JSON Field, Key value field, Views redirect form, Gotham, d8_materialize, Moderation State, Config overrride, Apple News, Entity Blocks, Auto Entityqueue, Twig Markdown, TweetWall, Field Formatter, site_audit_fields, Radix Views, fancyBox Video, Panopoly Config, Slick Carousel, Radix Colorizer, HTTP Response Headers, Replicate UI, Theme Reference, Radix Core, Radix Layouts, Leaflet MapBox, View Mode Templates, Radix, Administration Menu Source, References ID Trim, Entityqueue, Chosen, Workbench Moderation, Add To Head, Skinr, Video Filter

Credited on 114 issues fixed in the past 3 months


The same people who bring our projects to life use their experiences on projects big and small to teach you how to get the most from Drupal.

We’ve distilled our work on hundreds of Drupal projects into a training curriculum designed to meet your needs. Our curriculum is licensed for Drupal courses throughout the community, including training programs at other leading Drupal development shops.

Drupal Support

We all know a website is never done, so we've crafted our business to help our clients long term with their ongoing needs. Our Drupal Support Experts help with a variety of tasks, including feature development, security patches, module updates, or whatever you need to keep your site in good health.