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Commerce Guys, the creators of and experts in Drupal Commerce, is the leading eCommerce company working with Drupal, a powerful open-source Web infrastructure and social publishing platform.

Known for its unprecedented flexibility, scalability, and security, Drupal Commerce is the fastest-growing eCommerce solution in the world. With Drupal Commerce, online retailers have a simple yet powerful platform for all of their content, social, and commerce needs and the flexibility to integrate a rich commerce experience anywhere within their environment. Drupal Commerce is also ideal when selling non-physical items that require flexible and recurring payment models.

Commerce Guys offers a complete suite of services to fully leverage and customize Drupal for eCommerce, including consulting, hosting, support, and training. These solutions help integrators and agencies enable e-retailers to create the dynamic and engaging eCommerce experience they envision for customers across multiple channels.

The mission at Commerce Guys is to serve integrators, agencies, and Internet merchants by helping them leverage the power of Drupal for online stores with cutting-edge technology, expertise, and open-source collaboration.

Drupal contributions

Commerce Guys believes that Drupal + Drupal Commerce is the best way to do eCommerce by combining the excellent Content and Community features of Drupal with the true flexibility of Drupal Commerce. It is our goal that anyone wanting to add commerce functionality with Drupal would use Drupal Commerce.

Our developers (rszrama, Damien Tournoud, bojanz, and many others) have contributed significantly to the Drupal ecosystem, primarily through our work on Drupal Commerce and its commerce-related modules (over 450!). See some of our contributions here.

We built Commerce Kickstart, the Drupal Commerce distribution packed with features that make it more complete, faster to launch, and easier to administer.

In June of 2014, we released, a powerful cloud hosting solution with an optimized development-to-production workflow, enabling Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery during development, at launch, and throughout a site’s life.

Commerce Guys maintains and monitors the Q&A page on, a community-driven board we invite you to participate in. Ask questions, leave answers.

Projects supported

Commerce Wishlists as Orders, Services Session Token Authentication, Services API Keys Authentication, Card Payments by Commerce Cardinity, Keyade Madmetrics, Facebook Pixel, Commerce Behat, Commerce BluePay, Commerce Shipment Message Integration, Profile, Commerce Bundle Helper, Commerce Responsive UI, Commerce Cart Estimate, Commerce Page Manager, Zuora, Commerce Zuora, Google Product Taxonomy, Organization, Commerce Marketplace Card on File, Commerce Migrate Magento Stores, Commerce Hipay, OpenID Connect Bitbucket, Commerce Affirm Credit Payment Gateway, Commerce Pay, OpenID Connect GitHub, commerce_fraud, Commerce Marketplace Paypal, Commerce Marketplace Ogone, Commerce Payment Settings Switcher, OAuth2 API Tokens, Commerce Verified Reviews, Commerce Sanitize, Address, Commerce Shipping 3.x, Commerce Card on File Terminal, Commerce Company Association, Commerce ETS Emoney, Commerce DPD Shipping, Commerce Search API SKU Forward, Platron payment module commerce, Commerce Vantiv, Commerce Ingenico, Commerce Ogone Terminal, Commerce Line Item Manager, Search API Entity Translation Database Search, Commerce Shift4, Commerce Search API Entity Translation, Commerce Amazon Fulfillment, Commerce FirstData Connect, OpenID Connect Single Sign-on,, Drupal Commerce Payment Transaction Fields, Commerce Custom Offline Payments, OpenID Connect, Commerce Checkout AJAX, Commerce Cart Form Checkout Pane, User addressbook, Select number widget, Commerce Discount Extra, Commerce Quick Purchase, Nosto Tagging for Drupal Commerce, Search API Entity Translation Solr search, Commerce CyberSource SASOP, Commerce VAT, Commerce Checkout by Amazon, Commerce Marketplace, Composer Manager, OAuth2 Server, Commerce American Express Payment Gateway (Amex), Commerce Hosted PCI, Commerce Product URLs, Commerce Paymill, Commerce Search API, Splashr, Commerce Be2Bill, Commerce Kiala, Shiny (Administration theme), Commerce Return Merchandise Authorization, Commerce Order Counter, MailUp Newsletter Module, Commerce Discount, Jirafe, Commerce Payleap, Commerce Abandoned Cart Notification, Search API Entity Translation, Commerce Stripe, Commerce Moneris, State Machine, Commerce European Union VAT, Commerce Skrill (Formerly Moneybookers), Commerce Addressbook, Inline Entity Form, Commerce Coupon, Commerce Kickstart, Commerce Shipping, Commerce Feeds, Commerce PayPal, Address Field, Drupal Commerce, Book Search, Views Bulk Operations (VBO)

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Commerce Guys offers Drupal Commerce training for all experience levels.

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