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When creating a group you can decide whether the group is Private or Public. Public groups are viewable by everyone while Private groups require membership.

To enable this feature you will need to enable the included "Organic groups field access" module.

For the example below the Group Content Type will be named "Group Content", while the group itself will be called "Group".

Go to Configuration > Organic groups field settings (admin/config/group/fields).

  • Select your "Group" type in the "Bundles" dropdown. Add the "Group visibility" field.
  • Select your "Group content" type in the "Bundles" dropdown. Add the "Group content visibility" field.

While creating your "Group", you may add the field "group_access". If you have already created the group simply goto Structure-> Content Types -> Group

  • Add Existing Field "Group Visibility".
  • Select "group_access" as "Fields to Share".
  • Leave "Check boxes/radio buttons".


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You must enable the module Organic Groups Access and then enable the field "group_access" through the Configuration > Organic Groups > Organic Groups Field Settings admin page before this field will appear as an existing field. You may also enable other fields related to privacy on the Field Settings admin page.

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I cannot find the "group_access" field under Configuration>Organic Groups>Organic Groups Field Settings admin page.
I have already installed the Organic group Field Access and the Organic group Access control.
Do I am missing something?

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I think that field is labelled Group visibility (whose machine name is group_access)

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I've used Panels to override the node template, and set up two variants for group nodes:

  • One is for private groups: It displays if a group is private AND the user isn't a member of the group. It simply shows a "you can't see this info" message.
  • The other (which is the fallback condition) shows the group info in panes.

But I don't see any way to create a selection rule that determines whether a group is private. Any ideas?

Tom Geller * * Oberlin, Ohio
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I ran into the similar issue, just wanted to know if you have figured out the solution.
Found no group visibility params in the selection rules, have you continued with creating panel nodes or is there any other alternative?

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Hi, @druser01. I moved on to another project, and don't believe I ever figured out this puzzle. Good luck!

Tom Geller * * Oberlin, Ohio
See my videos about Drupal

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This is for the old 7.x.1 branch not the current 7.x.2 branch!

If you are working on 7.x.1 I HIGHLY recommend the video.

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I watched the screen cast but that havent solved my issues
If the group is private, the group is never visible to a regular user, so my question is how do the user know that the group exists and he can request access to join and contribute to that group.
I am not sure if that is a limitation or its designed to work only if the group owner himself add the members to the group.
Any insight is appreciated, Thanks!!