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As stated before, the module is separated in two modules, both independent from each other but it is recommended that you install them both. Here is a list of Features you'll find in the modules.

PUX Profile

  • Provide a permission “access own profile”
  • Three new paths, login, logout and profile. Both login and logout were disabled in D7 and moved to user/login and user/logout.
  • Disable the user/login tab, the user/register tab and the user/password tab. Those tabs will be replaced by a more intuitive way of creating an account, login or recover a forgotten password.
  • Disable all fields shown in the user profile page (you can enable them back by visiting: admin/config/people/accounts/display). This will provide you with a blank profile page.
  • Provide a new Block entity to show up all the profile fields in a block.
  • Blocks provided:
    • About user. Shows the profile fields in a block.
    • User Picture. Shows the user picture in a block.


The following are recommended steps an admin must do before this module works properly

  • Using the Context module, create a new context and add blocks to the profile page. Some of the blocks you could add are the User picture block and the About user block.
  • If you don't want to use the Context module (recommended), copy the file user-profile.tpl.php ( to your theme and add data to it. Create mytheme_preprocess_user_profile() function to add variables to the user-profile.tpl.php page.
  • Set the permissions for 'access user profiles' or 'access own profile'. If the first one is enabled, the user will have access to any user profile, if the second one is enabled, the user will have access to only his/her own user profile. If you enable 'access user profiles', 'access own user profile' will not interfere and it's not necessary to enable.
  • If you're using the About user block, please configure it by going to “admin/config/people/accounts/display/block”.

PUX Settings

This module will replace the user account edit page in your site for a new one better organized. The sections of this page will be organized into tabs so forms are never too long.

  • Provide a Tab to edit the account settings (username, email, roles, signature and status).
  • Provide a Tab to edit the password.
  • Provide a Tab to edit the picture and all profile fields.
  • Provide a tab to add/edit OpenID Identities (if the OpenID module is installed)
  • Provide a tab to edit the Shortcuts
  • Provide an API for other modules to use (this is a work in progress).
  • Provide a link to the Settings page. (

This module does not need any extra configuration, just create profile fields. If for some reason the profile fields are not showing up in the settings page, please clear the cache.


This module provides two hooks so other modules can implement them.

What this hook does is create menu links inside the 'settings' tree. If you have a module that needs a configuration page for users, then you should implement this hook. You can take a look at the examples provided by this module.

If your module provides a 'user/edit/foo' page, then you must disable it, implement this hook for each path.

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