It would be great if the same form options available when configuring a block were also available when that block is added to a panel. Is there a way we can have per-instance settings, in panels, for these configuration options, so we can expose the same elements on the pane config form?


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Also broken in D7 :( and after we disable the block module there's no other way to configure blocks when placed in panels.

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Last I checked, this isn't possible because blocks store all their settings in variable_set.

At one point I tried mixing the block config form with the pane forms, but I was unable to resolve the conflicts this caused, so eventually I took this out. Using traditional blocks that have config is simply hard because Drupal's blocks are naive to the point of ridiculousness. :/

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Hm. I'm not sure that's an acceptable answer. So many modules provide blocks, and I want to use them all with panels instead of the ridiculously naive region system. I'm not sure I can live with it this way until Drupal 8.

Right now the only way to use a block that must be configured (nice_menus, for example makes you choose your menu per block) without the blocks module enabled would be to write a custom content pane for the module and redo all the settings again anyway.

I'd like to revisit this.

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I don't know of a way to make the forms work properly and to instance, which is the real problem. I really wish it *did* work like that, because it would save me a LOT of work.

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Hi there, I want to do this exact thing as well. I have a block that can be configured. I want per-instance settings. Even if I have to re-write the configuration, at this point I don't really care about that. Is that possible?

I should clarify that the blocks module is enabled for me, if that even matters.

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This just bit me in the arse too. Even after saving the block on the blocks list, it doesn't load the settings for a block placed in a panel. Why not just load the block settings and use the same settings everywhere with a notice to the user that that will be the case?

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Is there any workaround for this??

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I am facing the same issue. Did anyone get a solution for this yet?