Is there an intent to port Mailman Manager to Drupal 7?



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this is on my radar. any sponsorship would help.

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Title: Mailman Manager in Drupal 7? » Port Mailman Manager to Drupal 7

interested in this

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FYI if you are still seeking functionality like this, check out this post (and the comments for D7 info):

mailhandler module seems to be quite powerful and may be a more drupal-centric solution as opposed to using something external like mailman.

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@rerooting great module, but how could it be used to integrate users with a mail list?
I use mailman to be able to have a list like this to spread news through:
No need to login to the site to send a mail, and everyone are able to reply to the list.

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this and a few other modules allow you to accomplish much of the same functionality as mailmain without actually needing to use mailman.

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@rerooting - I know that there is actual need for D7 version of Mailman manager :)

For example, I work as web admin for local political party, and we have currently hundreds of mailman lists, many of them are bi-directional. And because of we are going to make extranet for our members, we need a tool for our members to easily manage their (mailman) subscriptions.

But sadly, we don't have time or resources (for now...) to participate in porting Mailman Manager module to D7.

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@rerooting: Have you actually set up bi-directional email list functionality synchronized with forums? As a long time Drupal fan and user, I've been following the various combinations of modules (Mailhandler, Mailman Manager, Feeds, Mail Comment, List Handler, etc., etc.) which have attempted to achieve this for several years and have not been able to make it work satisfactorily with any of them, ever, and certainly not in D7. Even when I've gotten close, there are so many moving parts and dependencies involved they frequently are or become incompatible with each other and/or core. Very frustrating to say the least, and quite surprising that AFAIK the Drupal environment doesn't seem to have a production quality solution nailed down. If you've actually done this in an all Drupal setup, even in D6, I'd be eager to learn how to do it.

FWIW, FUDforum syncs with Mailman quite nicely and easily, as a core feature. Perhaps someone who knows how (not me) should port their code to get Drupal + Mailman (at least) working. Unfortunately, the Drupal FUDforum module ( to synchronize Druplal + FUDforum accounts & authentication has not been updated to D7 yet either.

Yes, I couldn't agree more, it does seem inelegant, if not silly, to use external programs, like FUDforum and/or Mailman, to get this done in what is already a premier forum environment like Drupal, but....

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Another option is the User Mailman Register module (, which now has a Drupal 7 version under active development and a working 7.x-3.x-dev release posted. UMR previously worked with Mailman Manager; now it is a standalone module, but there is a direct migration path from Drupal 6 (MM+UMR) to Drupal 7 (UMR).

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

Thanks to tlyngej there is now an initial dupal 7 port of mailman manger: