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Drupal Version 7.x

Create Basic Group (the container)

  • Install Organic Groups and Enable Modules "Organic Groups", "Organic Groups Context", "Organic Groups Register" and "Organic Groups UI"
  • To create a basic "Group" create a new content type by navigating to Structure -> Content Types -> Add Content Type
  • Name should be set to your group name. For purposes of clarity this will be named "Group" but can be named anything. Examples: "Country", "Events", "Family", etc. This is the actual Group that will contain your content and/or allow people to join the group.
  • Description should explain what the group will be, its purpose, or other details that people creating the group will see.
  • Click on Group Tab and set "Group" radio selector to "Group Type". "Group Content" radio selector should remain "Not a Group content type" unless you want the Group to be able to be a sub group of another group
  • All other options can be configured as you would like. But will apply to the Group and not the content placed within the group.
  • Save Content Type.

A user will be able to Add Content named "Group" through Adding Content Type if they have the appropriate Permissions.

Specify Content Types to be added to Group

All Content Types that are to be added to groups must be specified as "Group Content Type". Any Content Type can be assigned as a "Group Content Type".

  • Edit Content Type: Structure -> Content Types -> Add Content Type
  • For purposes of clarity the Name of the Content Type will be "Group Content Type". Examples of Content Types Maybe: "State", "Provence", or "Event".
  • Under tab "Group", the "Group" radio button should remain "Not a group type", and the "Group Content" should be "Group Content Type".
  • Modify other settings as you wish and Save Content Type.

A user will be able to Add Content of "Group Content Type" if they have the appropriate Permissions.

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Hi, I don't know if this is the appropriate place to do this as I am a complete novice at Drupal, but I think this module does just what I need. However there are some aspects of how it's presented and explained which are very difficult to follow if you are a newbie. I'd be happy to make constructive comments if that is something that would be wanted here but I have no experience at all of code writing, so don't want to stick my nose in and offend anyone if it is not the protocol to point out a problem without supplying a solution.

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Adding some quick notes

Organic Groups Audience

OG_AUDIENCE_FIELD is a special Organic groups field that stores membership data for any entity that is a part of a group (user, node, taxonomy term, etc...). If you do not have this field set to contain multiple values, then a user can only be a part of one group (#1203466: Can't use og_group() when group-audience field cardinality is set to 1).

Organic Groups Group

OG_GROUP_FIELD is a boolean field that you can attach to an entity to turn it into a group.

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Is it possible to remove the OG_GROUP_FIELD from the group content type? I don't want users to be able to create a "group" that's not a group, if you know what I mean..

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You should be able to do this with either Field Permissions or og_field_access included with Og.

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Another solution is #1282130: Hidden widget for "group_group" field, however that currently requries a patch.

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Configure Group Type - (To be done once by administrator)

  1. Structure > Content Types > Add Content Type
  2. Create new type such as "Group" or "Team"
  3. Under Submission Form Settings, Change Title to "Group Name" (or Team Name)
  4. Under Group, set Group as “Group Type” and Group content as “Not Group Content Type” (unless you want the Group to be able to be a sub group of another group)
  5. Save Content Type
  6. Go to Manage Fields. Edit Body field and change Label to "Description"
  7. Go to Configuration > Organic Groups > Organic groups field settings (where you will need to select the new group type (Group or Team) under “Bundle”)
  8. Then add the following fields (optional)
    • Group Roles and Permissions
    • Group Audience
    • Group Visibility
  9. Configure > OG Groups > Global Permissions
    • Grant permissions to new group for each role
  10. People > Permissions
    • Grant permissions to new group for each role

Add a new Group or Team (for each group)

  1. Content > Add Content
  2. Choose the new group (Group or Team) as the content type.
  3. Set the Group name (for example, "Senior Group") and fill out the group description. This will create a homepage for the new group. NOTE: The Group Namewill appear as the title of the group in the “My Groups” drop down.
  4. The Group checkbox (“Determine if this is an OG group”) should be checked by default. Make sure this is checked to create a group as this will create the “Group Tab” needed in the next step.
  5. Under Group Visibility, choose if you want the group to be public or private
  6. "Save" your new group
  7. You should be on the new group page you just created. Click “Groups" Tab to add people and administer permissions for group members.
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Thank you for this. Someone should merge this with the original instructions at the top as it is very clear.

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I am new to Drupal and at first, I followed your instructions and I had the "Group" option under Content > Add Content > Group, so I was able to create groups.
Now I enabled Books and I don't have the option to create a new Group anymore. I checked and "Group" is still listed under content type and as an administrator I have permission to create new group content.
Can someone tell me what I have done wrong?
Again, it was working when I first followed the instructions but nothing shows up anymore. Under 'Add Content', I only have 'article', 'Basic Page' and 'Book Page'.



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Please open an issue in the support forum instead of the documentation section.