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Last updated: April 3, 2011 - 11:16

Release notes

The 2.x version of front page adds a bunch of new features

  • Drag and Drop re-ordering - You can now choose in what order the roles get processed.
  • Path Aliasing - You can now choose a certain path as the front page which will look and feel like it is the front page.
  • Added query and fragment parameters to redirect paths.
  • New process - Each role type can now be set to skip which means that it moves onto the next role. If no roles match the user it simply shows the standard site front page. Conversely "front_page" is no longer set as the site front page.
  • Text filter formats - The text that gets passed through to themed and full outputs now gets run through the Drupal filter formats. We have also removed the php filter from the front page module, this can now be achieved via a php specific filter format.
  • Previewing - You can now preview your settings on the Arrange page.
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