Translation, multilanguage content, and internationalization page seems like a duplicate (or a summary) of the Working with languages handbook, which we are currently updating. This is extremely confusing for new users since the information is slightly different.

I propose that:
#1) we mark it as "duplicate" with a note redirecting people to the handbook, while we try to contact the page authors and merge the information.
#2) Once the information is merged, the remaining content should be either removed or moved to the handbook.

By the way, it would be nice to have "duplicate" added to page status, besides "incomplete", "needs updating", etc. This would be useful to track down duplicate efforts and try to merge existing handbooks, if possible (at least avoiding having competing book parents for the same thematic).


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There's certainly a lot of overlap, I agree with consolidating the pages.

When I made Translation, multilanguage content, and internationalization it was meant as a summary/landing page for stuff that was scattered all over the handbook. I see that Working with languages covers both interface translation and content translation -- it's very good that this is in the same place now.

There are other internationalization issues than translations, though: Right-to-left languages, different ways of handling dates (I see there's a page on that here:, as well as and, I've seen some discussion regarding how to adapt commerce modules to different types of VAT or other kinds of taxes, and there are probably other issues I haven't thought of. I think this should have a page somewhere.

I suggest removing everything that's about translation (both content and interface) from (moving it to if/when needed), and keeping just the section about right-to-left languages and the link to, as well as a link to, of course.) We can then add links to other resources for internationalization-apart-from-translation there.

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I went ahead and removed these sections from your post, and I added a reference to the handbook.

From the handbook perspective, it seems that almost all of the links where already available in the handbook, with longer descriptions (including rephrasing by Gabor), so I decided to keep them.

Your page is currently referenced in the handbook, so if you ever change your title, you should update it there too.

Thank you for your cooperation, and do not hesitate to edit as you see fit.

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Here is an opportunity to see it through.

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Status: Active » Needs review

- Updated title to reduce the scope of the page, and moved some of its subpages to the Working with Languages handbook. I agree "Other internationalization issues (other than translation)" might not be the optimal title, so i'm open to suggestions.

- Moved the i18n tutorial underneath this page to HowTos, tutorials and links ( and modified the weight to make it come out first.
- Moved the Translation manager quick guide to "Complementary Modules for Multilingual Sites (Drupal 6)" (
- Renamed to "Importing data into multiple language", so it doesn't get confused as a i18n tutorial.

I'm marking it as "Need Review".

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More fundamental suggestion:
How about moving this page, on the first level of the handbook. This would give this proposed final outline:

Working with languages
Translating a site interface to different languages (Locale core module)
Translating content to different languages (Content Translation core module)
Contributed modules for language and locale (i18n and other modules)
(+) Other internationalization issues (other than translation)

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Sylvain's suggestion in #7 makes sense to me.

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Status: Needs review » Fixed

All right then. Done!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)
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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.