Some conferences, especially corporate ones, require attendees to accept the terms of a Non-Disclosure Agreement as a pre-condition for registration. The Legal and Terms of Use modules handle this is slightly different ways. No coding should be required for this, just compatibility testing of one of these modules with the COD registration workflow.


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Title: Non-Disclosure Agreement » Require Agreements of Attendees/Speakers

Drupalcon Chicago also required a signed document from presenters.

I think a generic version of this (that's not specifically tied to NDAs) is a good idea though the COD project shouldn't try to provide the actual legal language.

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Title: Require Agreements of Attendees » Require Agreements of Attendees/Speakers

Unfortunately, the use of the Terms of Use or Legal modules as I suggested above is flawed. Users with existing accounts might be required to accept new terms for each new event. Those modules only require acceptance of terms during account creation.

You could use UC Terms of Service to require acceptance of terms during checkout. However this is also flawed, as the person doing checkout can register other attendees. It is the attendee who must accept the terms.

[Edit: 2-Apr-2011] The ability to prevent checkout of other attendees has been added to the UC Signup dev snapshot as of 25-Feb-2011 #572064: Limit users to only signing up themselves?

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Title: Require Agreements of Attendees/Speakers » Require Agreements of Attendees

@greggles, Presenter agreements need to be handled differently, so I forked it to: #1114018: Presenter confirmation

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Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-2.x-dev
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Moving this to 7.x-2.x

This has been accomplished on some sites, specifically DrupalCon site. It's basically a textfield on the group that has your ToS and then a required checkbox on the session that gets hook_form_altered to show the ToS so when the user creates the session, they have to check the box with the ToS next to it.