On a new Drupal 7 site, I have created a Links page that includes categorized links. The main links page is a table of all links that I've setup using Views. This table shows the URL, a link title, and the link Category. I've setup a number of categories (in a new field called field_link_cat) that the user is required to select from via drop-down menu when generating a new link entry. There would then be separate pages, laid out similarly, that would show only the links within the specified category.

Is there a way to use a field in Drupal's replacement patterns? I would like to be able to use field_link_cat as a replacement pattern for both URL generation (via pathauto) and for breadcrumbs (via custom breadcrumbs). The goal is to have a link for Joe's Diner appear as:

URL: http://www.site.com/links/food/joes_diner.html
Breadcrumb: Home >> Links >> Food

Thanks in advance!


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My apologies if this is bad form on this thread - just hoping somebody might be able to provide a recommendation. Thanks so much!

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I, too, would like to know how to do this. I think in Drupal 6, it was inherent, but because D7 doesn't have CCK per say, it doesn't work the same.