After searching for days via Google, I found that some strings created cannot be translated. I installed location client, hoping it can tell me where the XXX of the untranslatable string come from. It did not tell me.

Well, the translation interface did not tell me that either, but at least, it tells me that most of the strings I cannot translate are in the 'build-in interface'.

I higher hope on Localization client, as it listed out all the string. It would be god sent if the module name, or even the record id in the translation table, to be shown just below the all the string collected on the left, so that I can just go into the place and change it manually.

Off-topic, I would like to know if it is possible to rebuild/refresh the 'build-in' interface, as this is missing in the refresh translation. Also, if some strings are removed accidentally, is there a way to re-build/refresh/create it? If not, why the XXX there is a remove option for every string?


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This is like 8 questions in one. To reply to your main point, Drupal does not know where it came from either, due to how PHP function calls operate. It does not matter for Drupal because it does not care about your source. Regardless of where 'Home' comes from, it will always translate it the same way. So even if we show you were its stored in the database, it will not tell you much more. You can search in your source code files for the given string. I'd caution strongly against modifying any source code files, as thats the worst way to localize your application. You'll regret when you update modules for bugfixes, new features or security updates and loose your customizations. If I were you I'd take some time to familiarize myself with how it works, to avoid the pain in the future.

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Drupal 6 is not supported. The same problem was not reported for Drupal 7.