I'm not getting Commas out in the CSV reports of the Dev version. I've checked a few different configurations and it happens for all cases.

#8 views_bonus_export_1.patch663 bytesMax_Headroom
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This is happening to me as well - if I choose other delimiters, none get added. I've even made copies of existing, working views feeds, and they don't show the delimiter.

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views_bonus_export.theme.inc: line 17

change from "if(isset..." to "if(!isset...".

It should look like this:

  if (!isset($vars['options']['separator'])) {

Without this the logic reads "If the variable spelled correctly is set, change it to be the old, incorrectly spelled variable".

Thus, it was taking a perfectly good value and setting it to null before sending it to the theming function which was calling implode with null as a field delimiter.

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Another way:

  if (isset($vars['options']['seperator'])) {
    $vars['options']['separator'] = $vars['options']['seperator'];

In first line I change ['separator'] to ['seperator'], and fix the problem

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663 bytes

Patch for #7. hopefully this will now be committed.

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Minor detail - this gives priority to the old, misspelled value. If for some reason both values are set, the misspelled one will overwrite the newer, correctly spelled variable. This is, I think, contrary to what is intended by those code which is to mean if the new variable isn't set appropriately, fall back to the old.

Just a minor detail that probably shouldn't affect anything (hmm...famous last words?)