Great module! Would it be possible to support Vertical tabs? I've got some code in a module that puts the meta tags quick fields into their own vertical tab, but it would be nice if the module supported this itself.


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Can you post your code in attachment please?
It's always much easier to start from something

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Certainly! There might be a better way of doing it, but this seems to work fine. I've put all the stuff in one file - it should be fairly self explanatory though.

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Why not just use the field_group module for this?

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Great tip @willvincent! Didn't know that module before, but it's worth including in metatags_quick README.
Always better not to write any code to solve the problem :)

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Fixed by mentioning field_group module in README.txt
(master branch)

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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I created a patch for this, but it looks like I'm getting some db errors after the form has submitted. Specifically,

Fatal error: Call to undefined function _metatags_quick_meta_submit() in /includes/ on line 1432

Any suggestions?

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I'm sorry, but there will be no new releases in 1.x branch, please create patch against 2.x
Also, have you tried field_group module? It works just fine