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MD5: 7cbd031aece7db0f0f1ac3b52cb53288
SHA-1: 128f20acd83ee6eb879642af6f5dc2bccea8a62a
SHA-256: d6cc5560ef7780ada8dcbbc2afd9e0facf019db89d191598bb686c08de5c7add
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SHA-256: 30834db974897ee9deb18e122edf7cec30b09e7f49840fd634bef21d69bd5a05

Release info

Created by: boombatower
Created on: 28 Mar 2011 at 19:51 UTC
Last updated: 26 Feb 2014 at 17:36 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

9592afb Remove CHANGELOG.txt.
0a6c884 by rfay: Two trivial typo fixes
da266cd Issue #961172 by rfay: Fix simpletest and patch application so that D6 patches can be tested
f2df5ac Issue #1081082 by rfay: Git clone failed in testing because was trying to do the checkout and was also doing it
da59f73 by rfay: Improve comments on member variables
9784274 by rfay: Recover a key hunk that seems to have been lost in the merge.
9af65c7 by rfay: A number of fixes and instrumentation improvements to get testbots working
96520b1 Merge 6.x-3.x with git changes into mainline from master
bef1afe Issue #1089750 by rfay: change git repo branch to 7.x
f874c69 by rfay: Remove .cvsignore; no longer useful
ac8e149 Stripping CVS keywords
b66528f Stripping CVS keywords
9bf17b0 Issue #1067570 by rfay: Improve instrumentation and debug messages
5734439 Issue #1065950-1 by rfay: Add capability to use a reference repository to speed up clones
9243771 Issue #1057526 by rfay: Add UI for server side for Drupal git URL
5862055 Issue #1059990 by rfay: Allow -p1 or -p0 patches to be tested
f2b741c #1063042 by rfay: Add directory path debugging
1c995f0 Issue 1059990-6 by rfay: Update the regex that reads filenames from patches
159a73f Issue #1059990-3 by rfay: Since we changed to patch -p1 the related canned patches have to change
5f368f9 Issue #1059990-1 by rfay: Change from patch -p0 to patch -p1
1330820 #1057526-04 by rfay: PIFR repository URLs into variables.
9db2fcb #1057496-1 by rfay: Get the correct patches in there
0aac9bc #1038830-33 by boombatower, rfay - Basic Git changes and several resulting bugs.
206867c Fix left of outdated argument.
d5ece3f Always set dependency directory.
0c16be0 #961172: Ensure dependency handling works properly for Drupal 6 core (followup).
3c1bdc8 #961172: Ensure dependency handling works properly for Drupal 6 core.
156ccef #839996: Stop enforcing an empty prefix.
731c53f #899322: Colorize postponed test status.
ca0b555 #934862: Firewall pass should fail when host is unreachable.
93bec5d #934882: Tweak menu items to make them more visible.
b36e9cc Correct git checkout command.
bc7b23e Add -f argument to rm in client setup.
2e59ea7 #831200: Escape file argument to syntax_check().
4ca20e7 Allow non-trusted SSL certificates with svn.
c312e9d Escape arguments in VCS backends.
cfc852a Provide fail and pass result code to plugins.
cf76b65 Correct variable set handling.
8b071b1 Correct query syntax error.
1b9b04d #746730: Allow to be an array.
63c1b0a #740268: Move set_variable() out of database interface and into drupal plugin.
6ca13ee Fix theming issue when viewing tools tab on a test with no relevant environments.
c249b9a Fix Drupal variable setting with clone db.
2b65937 pifr_coder INSTALL.txt.
2910adb Provide argument.
f338c08 deekayen: Optimize svn hook script.
7f214e1 Spelling correction.
b56c23d Clean up version control interface method names.
a1a89ae Change version control interface to an abstract class.
6900c87 Update CVS algorithm for determine last commit ID.
72d1f38 Rename log() to commit_id().
01386f0 Correct example.
b7362d6 Add VCS integration scripts.
075dc5a Add queue.example.php.
769f05d Add VCS SVN backend.
cd7b5c3 Add VCS git backend.
069063b Add VCS log support.
3c7b679 Add missing return array() to update hook.
ed4b3f9 #733988: Provide a general way for setting Drupal variables.
36448c1 Remove subdir directive.
6485303 Add drush make file.
635204a Followup to previous commit.
d853df2 #723844: Add facility to restrict view permissions to a per project client basis.
68cf5aa Display error information when using debug "Tools" on admin screen.
6e120f2 Followup to previous commit.
57ee67b Followup to previous commit.
1d2d09f Followup to previous commit.
7b6526d #696434: Standardize and clarify plugin arguments.
3eaedaa Properly cast 'test_id' during
16db98c #709504: Client log view doesn't seem to filter properly.
765dc09 #719750: Ensure that argument serialization succeeds and increase column size.
881b5c7 #597644: Add validation of XML-RPC request data.
1e21ea7 #699296: Add postgres to client check screen.
a3c72f5 #699592: Display review log when no other relevant fail data is provided.
14471e6 #699590: Print full file path for files that fail PHP syntax check.
971e294 Argument test.title should be respected for all test types.
443e32c Update CHANGELOG for last two commits.
8a8201d #705412: Provide title attribute for branches.
ecb653e #704298: Test title should be re-generated everytime test is queued.
ef9e04a Provide sorting on log view.
0c8b543 #709932: Status graph issue.
a9a0050 #717494: Assertion plugin assumes there will be assertions.
cbab5f6 #717434: Add support for vcs annotation and implement in pifr_coder.
3cb841a Update install and syntax confirmation patches.
e80fca3 Add test information to alter test view form alter.
2ab0c15 #703120: Correct pifr.result() validation.
f6c0652 Correct mysql database drop to work without checking for database to be dropped.
e6f8db3 Correct debug file URL.
f6aa69e Update file path used in debug batch.
14917a6 Allow for test client reporting to be disabled by addon modules.
d07dee4 #700976: Ensure that test IDs are always returned.
7d919bd #704260: Provide XML-RPC "shell" for debugging and interactions.
ed51277 #701810: checkotu => checkout in 'cannot apply patch' status message.
e74be10 *** empty log message ***
b3475a4 Correct previous commit.
fd0bcb4 #679500: Change 'pifr administer' permission to 'administer pifr' and related.
01253dc Ignore client tests if running inside testing client.
ae7ccfc Drop database if exists for mysql as well.
bc69a7a #699296: postgres issues.
df52f52 Use HTML formatting to ensure e-mail text wraps naturally.


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